Remington PG6171 The Crafter Beard Boss Style and Detail Kit, Platinum

The crafter is for particular guys. It’s the Remington beard boss style and detail kit, and it gives you total control of your look. With 180 minutes of cordless runtime (that’s three hours), you get months of powerful trimming before a recharge is needed. The crafter is 100 percent waterproof for comfortable grooming in the shower and for easy cleaning. Plus, turbo mode lets you power through even the thickest hair in no time. And with a wide range of included accessories, you’ll be able to trim your goatee, your mustache, and so much more. For the exact look you desire, use the crafter.

Product Features

  • 180-minute runtime-the power of lithium delivers 180 minutes of high performance cordless cutting, and a 5-minute quick charge saves you in a pinch, providing power for one full shave
  • Waterproof-the crafter is 100 percent waterproof, so you can trim up in the shower if that’s your style, plus, it’s incredibly easy to clean
  • Turbo mode-got a thick beard, this is the power boost you need to style with speed and precision
  • Adjustable comb-nine lock-in trimming lengths offer the ultimate in versatility with the clip-on adjustable comb
  • Extended neck-for pinpoint precision, the extended shaver neck makes it easy to navigate every area of your face and neck

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2 thoughts on “Remington PG6171 The Crafter Beard Boss Style and Detail Kit, Platinum

  1. mhnstr says:

    Jack of all Trades, Master of One I currently have a Panasonic ER-GB80-S trimmer as well as a Remington PG6250 Wettech Head, Beard and Body Grooming trimmer which is my favorite of the two. So, I was excited to get this update to my Remington, especially since the Remington Crafter included a variety of attachments that I could use. However, the excitement was short lived once I started using the Crafter. While it has a lot of different uses thanks to the different attachments, I found that it only excelled at trimming hair…

  2. D. Reinstein says:

    An entire range of grooming tools in one trimmer set! With this new “Crafter” Beard Boss kit from Remington (PG 6170), the standard Remington trimmer (the one sold as MB404 and the MB4045, which adds a pop-up trimmer to essentially the same device), some substantial improvements have been introduced. Both the 4040 and 4045 are very good trimmers – but there is always room for improvement and the Craftsman trimmer has done so. The shape of the trimmer is different – narrower near the head and, thus, a bit easier to aim with precision and…

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