Remington Products R4 Lithium Power Series Rotary Shaver

Close shave and easy to clean!,

My son was complaining his razor was no longer holding its charge when I saw this item. I ordered it as a surprise and the smile on his face was worth a million bucks. He is thrilled, it not only holds the charge, it gives a closer shave we he demonstrated on my leg 🙂 It is also super easy to clean. I think I know what his brother will be getting for Christmas.

Remington’s Lithium Power Series R4 Rotary Shaver features PowerFlex 360 Degree Technology which allows the entire head to adjust to any angle on the face to help reduce irritation. Its Precision Cut shaving heads with Twin Track blades smoothly cut long hair and stubble for an ultra close and comfortable shave every time. The lithium power drives high energy and torque to deliver 45 minutes of cordless shaving. And when you’re finished, it washes clean right under the faucet.

Product Features

  • PowerFlex 360 Degree – Allows the entire head to adjust to any angle on the face to help reduce irritation.
  • Washable Design – This washable model rinses clean right in the sink
  • 45-minute runtime – Utilizing Remington’s powerful lithium battery, this model runs for up to 45 minutes per charge
  • Twin Track Blades – Two tracks of shaving blades for maximum skin contact.
  • Pop-Up Detail Trimmer – Skin-friendly pop-up trimmer details sideburns and any facial hairstyle.

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2 thoughts on “Remington Products R4 Lithium Power Series Rotary Shaver

  1. speedbag "john" says:

    Does a great job I’ve always been a Remington user for many years. Over a year ago I did go to using a regular 3-blade razor because of a skin condition I have but I never liked using a razor and it didn’t shave as well as the rotary Remington, and I’ve tried many types of razors.Anyway, when I saw that the new rotary electric shavers can be washed to keep them clean, I went back to it and got the R4. It was CLEAR that the new rotary Remington shavers are a ton better than the ones designed years…

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