Remington Products WXA1000CDN Electric Roll-On Wax Kit, Smooth and Silky

Get professional wax results at home with Remington smooth and silky roll-on wax kit. The re-useable electric wax warmer quickly and thoroughly heats the wax. The roll-on applicator makes it simple to apply, and the water soluble wax makes for a virtually mess-free experience. Kit includes electric warmer, 3.5 ounce Brazilian formula wax and 20 extra large strips. Remove hair up to 6 weeks, leaving your skin sleek, smooth and silky

Product Features

  • Hair-free results up to 6 weeks
  • Easy application, no mess
  • Water rinsable wax
  • Fast heat up; under 20 minutes
  • Even heating, no hot spots

June 14, 2014 - Comment
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3 thoughts on “Remington Products WXA1000CDN Electric Roll-On Wax Kit, Smooth and Silky

  1. G. Smith "Mich Mom" says:

    Better off with microwave wax I started out waxing my legs with microwavable wax kits. They were messy. I thought this product would be the fix. I used my Remington roll-on for 2-3 months.Pros:* Not MessyCons:* Must be heated a minimum of 20-30 minutes before use and though the instructions say to unplug it during use, don’t or you’ll get your skin pulled off trying to roll partially hardened wax on your legs.* Wax layer is too thin. My legs were constantly…

  2. Jennifer Freeman says:

    Close to salon quality I have had my legs salon waxed for nearly a year when I discovered this. At less than half the price of one salon visit, I figured I’d risk it. If you’re looking for the pampering of a salon, this isn’t for you but smooth legs is what it will give you. Does require you to be a little bit of a contortionist – or you could get some help with the backs of your legs. I disagree with the other review that it doesn’t pull out hair at the root. Look at the wax strip – roots are all there. Leg hair…

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