Remington Short Cut Clipper Rechargeable, Cordless, Haircut Kit

Short Cut Clipper. You can’t mess this up!World’s First Clipper Designed For Guys to Cut Their Own Hair Easy, Even, Error-Free. Delivers: Easy, Even, Error-Free Hair Cutting Familiar brush-like design makes cutting hair as easy as brushing it Curved Blade Technology cuts to the shape of the scalp Bi-directional blades cut back and forth; cutting hair in half the time of ordinary clippers Built-in guide comb adjusts to multiple (5) hair length settings Balding comb attachment for ultra close cuts Pop-up trimmer to clean-up neckline & around ears Rechargeable

Product Features

  • Bi-directional Cut
  • Light Weight
  • Multiple Lengths
  • Rechargeable
  • 2 year warranty

July 7, 2014 - Comment
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3 thoughts on “Remington Short Cut Clipper Rechargeable, Cordless, Haircut Kit

  1. Smittie says:

    Great Concept, Poor Implementation The clipper does a good job of cutting hair short. I’m a soldier, I was looking for a way to cut my own hair when I in the field or at remote bases. The Remington Shortcut Clipper does that. I was able to give myself a very decent “high fade” hair cut in about 10 minutes. Used weekly it worked great.The batteries in the clipper required 20 hours to charge and lasted about 15 minutes when the clipper was new. Within a few months the batteries would not last long enough to finish the…

  2. Comdet says:

    Fantastic product! Alas, the days of needing to go to a hair stylist – or even needing a comb – are long gone for me. I’ve been cutting my hair at home for years since I don’t see the point in paying someone to cut what little I have left. I’ve used traditional clippers and they work well, but it’s almost impossible to cut your own hair using regular clippers – you need someone to help, especially on the back of your head.The Shortcut trimmer solves that problem perfectly. It’s no harder to use than a…

  3. Peter Reeve says:

    In short, it works If, for whatever reason, you want to avoid hairdressers and cut your own or your family’s hair, then you will need more than one tool for the job. Clippers work well for longer hair and for the top of the head, but are very unsatisfactory for the back of the head and the neck. That’s where the Short Cut comes in. You can now finish trimming that hair at the back, where the clippers left off. And very simple it is, too.Of course, if you keep your hair all-over short, then you can…

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