Roll On Milk and Honey Wax Women Wax by Nair, 5.7 Ounce

Finally, I got the right ONE:  The best thing for waxing I have ever used. Its very very easy to use. Creates no mess. Barely enough for full body and anyone gets a clean body only in 15 min. I wish I can give it more than five stars. Iused to wax from years but some methods are very messy, some are painful and some are useless but this wax is very easy to use, give excellent results without pain and creates no mess. Strips are reusable and barely enough for full body. I love it.

Product Features

  • •Easy preparation and application
  • •15-second microwavable wax
  • •Water rinseable pure sugar wax
  • •Long lasting smoothness

June 25, 2014 - Comment
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3 thoughts on “Roll On Milk and Honey Wax Women Wax by Nair, 5.7 Ounce

  1. Amazon Customer says:

    It works but you have to follow some instructions I am reading a lot of reviews that complain about how the wax doesn’t work and thought I’d share my 2 cents about the product. I am an Indian woman so naturally I have a lot of thick black body hair on my arms and legs and the wax does a good job in removing them. Here are a couple of things about waxing to keep in mind:1. Body hair length: If you’re looking to remove hair just coming out of the follicles this is not your product. Infact, waxing isn’t your option. For an efficient…

  2. Jennifer says:

    Good Product for First Time Waxers to Try I actually bought this product from Target for about $8 thinking that I could use it on my upper lip and chin area. Only when I got home did I see on the packaging that it is for legs and body.Oh, well; I’ll try it for its intended use, then.I hate shaving my legs because I don’t feel very smooth after using shaving cream and razors in the shower. Then the next day I have stubble and have to do it all over again. As a result, I sometimes go for almost two weeks before I…

  3. Booklover "Meow" says:

    Pretty good… I did not buy it online but I bought it from target for 8 bucks. It will vary from hair to hair so my answer might vary as well.PRO: HALF strip can take about the whole calves. The knee and the thigh will be a bit trickier. It doesn’t grab every single hair but about a pretty good amount. You’ll see one or two sticking out here and there.CON: Can be quite messy BUT very easy to remove the stickiness with warm water. Strip are gone FAST.Trick: It worked for me…

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