Runwe RS986 Premium Rotary Shaver Electric Razor with Waterproof and Quick Charge Feature for Men, Black

The Runwe Rs986 provides a powerful wet or dry shave while protecting your skin – especially on hard-to-reach areas like the neck. The floating shaving heads tackle the longer hairs and the shortest stubble; the heads adjust to the face’s every contour to quickly catch every hair, even on the neck and jawline. The Skin Protection System limits skin irritation. The integrated pop-up trimmer conveniently trims sideburns and moustaches. The Lithium-ion rechargeable battery delivers 50 minutes of cordless shaving after a 90 minute charge. A 3 minute quick-charge provides enough power for one cordless shave. You can simply rinse the device under faucet for easy cleaning thanks to its IPX7 waterproof body. For best results, replace shaving heads every 12 months.

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Product Features

  • TRIPLE DOUBLE RING BLADE SHAVING HEADS – Delivers increased contact area between shaver blade and skin, resulting in faster and more comfortable shaving experience.
  • DRY & WET Dual USE – IPX7 waterproof, which means you can shave with gel or foam even in the shower and clean the shaver by running it under the tap.
  • POWERFUL PERFORMANCE – The 8000RPM electric motor delivers consistent and even shave, limiting skin irritation.
  • QUICK CHARGE TECHNOLOGY – You can enjoy the convenience of cordless operation at home or on the road. 1.5 hours of charging provides up to 60 minutes of shaving time.


Online Beauty Products
Online Beauty Products

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2 thoughts on “Runwe RS986 Premium Rotary Shaver Electric Razor with Waterproof and Quick Charge Feature for Men, Black

  1. Emiliya KEhayova says:

    Works great on my face and head Works great on my face and head. In terms of closeness, it’s the same as a 5 blade razor going with the grain on my face. On my head, it actually ends up somewhere between a with and against the grain shave, so much better than I thought. It takes roughly 3-4 minutes to get a decent shave on my head and 2-3 minutes on my face. Only ever done on dry, clean skin. No irritation at all, just use proper technique and don’t rush. I got this because I am starting a new job with a long commute and can…

  2. gunes says:

    Really happy with my purchase I had so much doubts about using an electric shaver but oh my, wish I have switched before. The shave it’s not so close as a normal razor with two, three, four or more blades but its close enough to not bother you on all the day. In the past no matter wich brand of shaving foam or gel I use my skin always got very irritated and I used to shave my face from 4 to 5 times a week, now I can shave everyday with no damage on my skin, it’s fabulous. I only use it on my wet skin and with shaving foam…

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