Safety Razor Kit – Double Edge Razors for Men – Deluxe Shaving Set for Closest Wet Shave – 5 Premium Blades, Travel Case & Mirror – Great Gift for Men

So if you’re here, it’s either because you’re one of the old schoolers who was looking for another razor like the one you had back when shaving was an art form, or you’re a young buck who has done studying and have heard the recent hype: That straight razors and safety razors are making a comeback. Either way you have come to the right place.

We have looked everywhere for a double edge safety razor that met our needs. As avid shavers, we understand the importance of a close shave and quality razor where ever you are. When we went out and searched through mainstream double edge safety razors we could not find a suitable sturdy travel case to easily pack our razor and blades. The other disappointment was, there was only one blade, which came with the new razor handle. Tired of looking for the product we desired, we took matters in to our own hands and produced our own.

As a small family business we set out to find a quality manufacturer, who would create the product that we couldn’t find elsewhere. From there all of our products are quality inspected before being packaged into the sturdy travel case with 5 blades. We were so impressed with the how easily the case fits in to a travel or toiletries bag we made some for our friends and other family members.

Initially we had set out to fill a gap our own needs and had no idea that there would be so many satisfied customers. After your purchase today, if there is anything you require from a shaving tip to a great cooking recipe one of the owners will read the email and reply.

Product Features

  • THE PERFECT SHAVE – The best of men’s shaving & grooming sets! Shaving Kit includes our double edge safety razor, travel case with mirror, & 5 premium blades for the closest wet shave ever.
  • QUALITY YOU CAN TRUST – Old school style that’s built to last. The sturdy, handle & the micro-comb screw head provide a professional look & feel.
  • GREAT GIFT – Treat the man if your life to the best safety razor shaving kit. Perfect for the beginner or pro — husband, dad, or groom will love this sleek & stylish set.
  • 100% QUALITY & SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – If you don’t experience the best shave of your life, we’ll refund or replace it, no questions asked.

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3 thoughts on “Safety Razor Kit – Double Edge Razors for Men – Deluxe Shaving Set for Closest Wet Shave – 5 Premium Blades, Travel Case & Mirror – Great Gift for Men

  1. Nicole Durham says:

    Close Shave and Comfy on his face For a long time my husband and I have been trying to decide on a razor that works well for him. He’s military, so a close shave is required daily. He’s also young and still has blemishes here and there often getting caught in disposable razors. We have tried everything from 2 to 5 blade razors, disposable to electric, Shick/Bic and Gillette. I have couponed and stockpiled razors for months trying to get ahead of his needs, anticipate which he wanted, etc. Within the last few months i decided we…

  2. Josh Harrison says:

    Great product and excellent customer service! I purchased a few of these to keep with me in my travel toiletry kit. I love shaving with double sided safety razors but didn’t want to spend big money on expensive razors that will only be used a few weeks per year. These are low cost and good quality – the included case is a bonus! I cannot comment on the included razor blades as I have found blades that I use and like so I just replaced those.There was a price drop on the product a few days after I purchased them – I contacted…

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