Safety Razor, Oak Leaf Butterfly Open Double Edge Shaving Razor with Razor Stand and 5 Platium Super Blades, Chrome Finish Shaving Kit for Men

With the cost of razors and blade cartridges rising sharply, many men are turning to cheaper and more refined ways of shaving. The double-edged safety razor is just that: straightforward, inexpensive, and effective. A new generation of men are discovering that you don’t need five blades to get an ivory-smooth face. Applying the shaving cream with your shaving brush and shaving your beard with your Oak Leaf Razor, then they will give you the cleanest and healthiest look. Then keep your supply dry and fresh with the Razor Stand.

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How to change the blade?
1. Rotate the bottom toward counter-clockwise direction.
2. Open the head of the razor and put the blade in.
3. Rotate the bottom toward clockwise direction, and close the razor head.

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Perfect Shaving Guidance:
1. Clean and keep the face wet under warm water.
2. Apply shaving cream on face to soften the beard.
3. Shaving from top to chin, and then go reversely.
4. Wash blade with clean running water, keep it sharp.
5. Nourish skin with face care products.
6. Clean the razor after shaving, keep it drying and place in the stand.

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1. Safety Razor
Material: 5# Zinc Alloy
Dimension: 3.7”*1.7”/94.85mm*44.13mm (H*W)
Weight: 1.5lb/0.68kg
2. Razor Stand
Material: 5# Zinc Alloy + PE
Surface process: Chrome finish

Product Features

  • BUTTERFLY OPEN SAFETY RAZOR: Oak Leaf Men’s Shaving razor comes with butterfly opening mechanism that makes it easy, quick and safe to change the blade. Rotate the bottom toward counter-clockwise direction to open the head of the razor, and put the blade in. Twist again to secure the head.
  • METAL STAND: The Safety Razor Stand is made from zinc alloy and PE, perfectly fitting the Shaving Razor. Also, it is designed to protect the shaving supplies and keep them dry, clean and fresh, so as to prolong the life of the razor. For better hygiene.
  • 5 PLATINUM SUPER BLADES: Metal ion coating and Teflon non-stick coating of the blade edge. Precision diversion comb design avoids pulling of your beard. Decent thickness to fit almost all kinds of beard.
  • SHAVING KIT FOR GENTLEMEN: The package comes with a Double Edge Shaving Razor, a Razor Stand and 5 platinum super blades. Best shaving kit for the best shave.
  • OUR CUSTOMER SATISFACTION MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If you are not satisfied with the Shaving Kit just return them within 30 days for a full refund. No questions asked, no hassle. Scroll up to click the Add to Cart button to have your Men Shaving Kit shipped today.

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  1. Jamie Robertson says:

    Short handle, shaves great This is a nice looking razor. It comes with 5 extra blades. I do wish the handle was longer. It is short and you have to adjust your grip to get use to it.It cuts great though. The blades are sharp and cut facial hair very easily.They include 5 blades and a cool matching stand for the razor. There were no instructions on how to load the razor. You turn the handle to open the top and then insert the blade. Twist again to lock back down.I’d given 5 stars if the…

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