Salon Sundry – Portable Electric Hair Removal Hot Wax Warmer

This premium wax warmer by Salon Sundry is suitable for all types of hair removal and other therapeutic waxes, including paraffins. Compact and portable in size, enjoy professional wax treatments from the comfort of your own home or while travelling. This professional quality warmer has a durable composite construction and 75 watts of heating power. It melts all types of depilatory waxes including those canned, broken, or in block form, and its quality internal heating element is built to last. An industry standard 4-1/8″ diameter, 2-1/4″ deep interior heating chamber is designed to accommodate most wax containers, such as the standard 14 ounce size, and other cans of the same diameter. This machine also includes a removable metal wax pot liner for use with loose wax, direct pouring, and easy cleaning. It measures 4″ in diameter and 2-5/8″ deep, will hold up to 18 fluid ounces of wax, and has a metal handle for convenience and safety (of course, always use caution when handling hot items). The thermostat control knob and circular heating element allow the temperature to be adjusted up to 65 degrees Celsius (149 degrees Fahrenheit) for a quick and even wax meltdown. This control can be dialed back to medium to maintain ideal consistency. The see through cover allows you to monitor wax meltdown while maintaining heat and preventing contamination. This machine features foam anti-slip, non marring feet. Unit is RoHS certified. Dimensions: unit measures 7-1/4″ diameter, 5-3/8″ tall (to the top of the machine). What’s Included: wax heating machine (wax not included), one removable wax pot liner, see-through vented cover, USA standard grounded power-cord (120 volt), instructions/owner’s manual.

Product Features

  • Warms all types of waxes and built to last
  • Accepts standard 14 ounce wax cans, loose wax, and bricks
  • Circular heating element for fast, even wax meltdown
  • Removable liner bucket
  • See-through cover

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