Satin Smooth Res-Q Topical Analgesic Soothing Gel with 4% Lidocaine

Recommended for Bikini Area. Moisturizers soothe and restore skin from razor burns, bumps and in-grown hairs caused by waxing, hair removal products & electrolysis.

Product Features

  • Topical analgesic cream gently soothes skin after waxing, electrolysis, shaving or any other use of hair removal
  • Patented formula numbs skin surface to relive bumps, ingrown hair, and redness caused by depilatory
  • Recommended for use after bikini waxing
  • Contains 4% Lidocaine Topical Analgesic

October 20, 2014 - Comment
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2 thoughts on “Satin Smooth Res-Q Topical Analgesic Soothing Gel with 4% Lidocaine

  1. Farrah Zahran says:

    Brilliant At my first brazillian wax, I was in such pain that I literally could not complete the service. I ached for a long time after, and though no blood was drawn, i was terrified for years.Thanks to this creme, however, my next attempt went smoothly. I almost felt nothing at all, not even the slight pinching sensation people tell you to expect. It was easy, it was excellent.However, I did let the product sit for 45 minutes before the waxing began, and I absolutely doused…

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