Schick Hydro 5 Power Select Razor

The Schick hydro power is the only power razor with customizable settings for a close comfortable shave. And, like all Schick hydro razors, hydro power select also has a unique gel reservoir, and skin guards on each blade, to give you the best shave for your skin.

Product Features

  • Custom vibrations with high, medium, low settings for a close, comfortable shave just the way you like it
  • Battery life indicator monitors the battery charge and indicates how much power is left
  • Has a unique gel reservoir and skin guards on each blade to give you the best shave for your skin
  • Makes facial hair styling easier

July 2, 2014 - Comment
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3 thoughts on “Schick Hydro 5 Power Select Razor

  1. Mr. H says:

    A great razor, but don’t buy into the hype Everyone’s hyping up the Hydro 5 like it was created by god and sent down to earth for man to have the best shave ever. Well, i’ve come to give you a more honest non-hyped review.I had been using the Gillette Fusion Power for 2 years until the Hydro 5. I considered that the best shaver I had ever used (previously using electric shavers and disposable ones). I bought the Shick Hydro 5 (NON POWER VERSION) a month ago, not knowing there was a power version. The powerless version was a…

  2. Virginia Vol says:

    Dumped the Proglide power for the Hydro power select I have used the Gillette Proglide since it came out, and the Mach3 before that. Like others I have become frustrated at the sky-high prices for blade refills that Gillette charges. When I saw Schick had finally come out with a power five-blade razor I decided to give it a try.Firstly, you can’t judge a razor until after a few weeks. Any new razor will cut well and it also takes a while for your beard to be trained to the new razor. In almost every way the Schick bests the Gillette…

  3. El Outsider "SagaciousB" says:

    So far, better than the “best a man can get” Gillette’s refill cartridge prices are out of control. I thought it was finally time to give Schick a try when I saw how relatively inexpensive the blades were, and when I saw that they finally came out with a power (vibrating) version of the Hydro it was time to give it a shot.This is in almost every way better than the Gillette Power Fusion. Cheaper blades, smoother shave, less tug & pull & pluck feeling, better trim cartridge, better hydration gel, thicker handle, etc, etc…

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