Schick Hydro 5 Sensitive Razor

Hydro 5 sensitive razor is designed to handle even the most sensitive areas with the technology you expe count from a razor while being dermatologist tested for sensitive skin. Hydro 5 sensitive razor contains skin guards to reduce redness and irritation with 5 ultra glide blades. Hydro 5 sensitive razor finishes with high-gloss colored chrome and a soft touch rubber for gripping ease with an easy cartridge loading system.

Product Features

  • Designed to handle even the most sensitive areas with the technology you expect from a razor
  • Dermatologist tested for sensitive skin
  • Skin guards reduce redness and irritation
  • Features five ultra glide blades
  • Premium finishes with high-gloss colored chrome. Soft touch rubber for gripping ease. Easy cartridge loading system

July 2, 2014 - Comment
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3 thoughts on “Schick Hydro 5 Sensitive Razor

  1. Charles B. Cain "Brian Cain" says:

    Finally something better than Fusion! I’ve been a Gillette guy for years and figured Fusion was as good as it was gonna get. The downside, obviously, has been the cost of replacement blades and of course that’s how they get you. But $13+ for four replacement blades that don’t really last very long? Ouch….. So today I was in Target to pick up said replacement blades when I saw the Schick Hydro 5. I have to admit I’ve NEVER been a Schick fan at all. I don’t know what the difference in blades is (aside from number of blades) but…

  2. Harvey H. Meeker says:

    Better than Fusion I’ve tried the Schick Quattro and it’s uncomfortable to use. I’d say it might be on part with the Gillette Mach3, but it definitely isn’t as good as the Gillette Fusion. The Schick Hydro is a big step up. It has the comfort and utility of the Fusion (actually I think it might be more comfortable, but it’s at least as good) and from what I can tell it also lasts longer. I can usually get a Fusion blade to last out to two weeks because I shave after showering, but at that point the lubrication…

  3. Leo says:

    Hyrdo 5, gets 5 stars Well, let me start off by saying that I have been shaving for many years. Though I am only 22, I have been through many razors in my day. I’ve always been a Gillette fan. I’ve had the Mach3, the Fusion and the Mach3 turbo. Overall, I got a good shave, but it wasn’t the greatest. I then even moved on to trying the old school way of shaving, you know, the soap, the mug, the brush, the shaving oil, safety razor, etc. It worked fine, but I got the same results and wasn’t worth the hassle. I was…

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