Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment Razor for Women with 2 Moisturizing Razor Blade Refill with Coconut Milk and Almond Oil

The Schick intuition pure nourishment razor with coconut milk and almond oil is the first and only razor system that lathers and shaves in one easy step, leaving your skin smooth and noticeably softer. A pivoting head with four blades provides greater flexibility and allows you to follow the natural curves of your legs and body. For a closer, faster shave that results in hydrated skin, the skin moisturizing solid surrounding the razor eliminates the need for shave gel, soap, or body wash. The razor’s ergonomic design offers a sure grip with a sleek, molded handle for comfort and flexibility. This formula includes coconut milk and almond oil, which softens and moisturizes skin. Schick intuition plus is the effortless way to lather, shave and moisturize in one easy step giving you more time for simple pleasures.

Product Features

  • LATHERS and MOISTURIZES during shaving –no need for soap, shave gel or body wash.
  • UNIQUE SKIN CONDITIONING SOLID infused with Coconut Milk and Almond Oil to help moisturize skin during shaving and will leave skin smooth – and you looking radiant.
  • FOUR BLADES that allow for a precise shave
  • PIVOTING HEAD that follows the contours of a woman’s body to help minimize nicks and cuts

March 29, 2016 - Comment
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2 thoughts on “Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment Razor for Women with 2 Moisturizing Razor Blade Refill with Coconut Milk and Almond Oil

  1. Francesca says:

    Not very cost effective I thought this razor was wonderful at first. My skin is very sensitive to shaving in general and this is the first product I have tried that leaves my skin smooth after use. However, each time you rinse the blades to remove hair the moisturizing bar attached melts away a great deal. It is definitely this bar that I attribute the change in skin reaction to shaving, so the fact that I have to replace the razor heads so often to reap the benefits of the product makes for an expensive situation…

  2. Benjamin says:

    Perfect for a quick shave, or people without a bathtub! I do love these razors–I first started using them in college, when it was difficult to shave in the dorm showers. Now I use them when I’m in a rush or just want a quick shave. I very rarely get razor burn, and I have fine/light hair, so please keep that in mind with this review. But, I can say, I’ve never cut myself using one of these razors, and they are just so much quicker/easier than lathering up, losing half the shaving foam/gel to shower spray. They’re great for a quick fix/on-the-go…

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