Schick Quattro For Women Disposable Razor With Raspberry Rain Scented Handle 3 each

Scented handles. Aloe and duo-vitamin complex moisture strip. 4 blades for a close shave. Compact pivoting head. Comfortable rubber grip ergonomically designed for women.


Schick Quattro TrimStyle For Women

I can't believe this commercial got on the air! HILARIOUSLY tacky commercial for a razor that you can also use to trim the 'ol hedges... Artist: Angela McCluskey; Song : My Style from album called `You Could Start a Fight in an Empty House

So long, subtlety!

(UPDATE: The song featured in this commercial is apparently performed by Angela McCluskey, and if you bugged out on the music you pretty much missed the point, didn't you?)
March 25, 2015 - Comment

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