Schick Silk Effects Plus Razor Refill, 5 Count

Worry-Free Shaving! Exclusive Microfine Wires Help Protect Your Skin from Nicks, Cuts and Razor Burn.; Plus Vitamin E & Aloe: A Vitamin E and Aloe Enriched Ultra Glide Comfort Strip Allows Blades to Glide Easily Leaving Skin Smooth & Silky.; Plus Contoured Rubber Handle: Contoured Rubber Handle Provides Control and Slip-Proof Shaving.

Product Features

  • Mirco Thin Wires for Safety
  • Vitamin E & Aloe Comfort Strp
  • Rubber Handle for Safety
  • Convenient Shower Caddy

July 10, 2014 - Comment
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3 thoughts on “Schick Silk Effects Plus Razor Refill, 5 Count

  1. Amazon Fan says:

    Schickk Silk Effects Razor Refills Finally Found I have two Schick Silk Effects Razors – one for home and one for travel – that I have used for years and years and love. I rarely cut my legs when using them. However, over the past couple of years I have been unable to find the refills in my local national discount drug stores. Finally the light went on in my brain. I figured if there is anywhere I could find them it would be on Amazon. I looked, and I found them. I ordered the double pack, and they arrived quickly. Lesson learned: whenever…

  2. Mumma says:

    This is an underrated razor! The Schick Silk Effects Razor is so very useful and far too underrated. I’m happy to be able to purchase the refills on Amazon. I realize this review is for the refills but there’s not much to say about them. The razor is perfect for delicate skin and areas that are prone to breaking out in a rash. I use this razor for my bikini area and my armpits. I use a different razor for my legs for a closer shave. The difference with this razor are the little wires that go over the blades to help…

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