SDL15 Best Rated Economy Diode Home Laser Hair Removal System

The SDL-15 is an impressive entry-level machine for the small salon. It produces twice the effective power required for laser hair removal procedures (including photo shaving on hair growth types 3-6: brown and black). The systems has a very efficient 1cm wide beam with a pulse duration of 0.09 seconds. Pulse frequency is user adjustable up to 7 emissions per second.

The SDL-15 is not recommended for tattoo removal or general dermatology. A minimum of 120jcm2/second is needed for these advanced dermatology procedures. If you require a system which can perform these applications, please refer to the SDL-50 and SDL-80 units.

Photo-shaving is also possible with blond and red hair types (2 and 3) using carbon dye.

Each emission has an effective treatment size of 1 cm wide by 1 mm high and may feel like a brief pinch on sensitive areas. Very few clients describe the treatment as painful of uncomfortable. Should you encounter a client with a high degree of neural sensitivity the use of a topical numbing compound (included with kit) or ice pack is recommended.

The SDL-15 Economy Salon Use Photo-epilator has a very sturdy and comfortable hand-piece. Active cooling is provided by way of a powerful 15cfm positive displacement micro fan. This keeps the diode cool during use which increases the performance and the life expectancy of the system.

Complete Economy Salon Use Kit Includes
Economy Salon Use Instrument, 54 joules per cm squared/second output power (7.71jcm2/pulse max.) fluence, key lock safety switch, laser ‘warning’ ultra-bright flashing LED, ‘enabled’ bi-colored LED, adjustable output power, adjustable pulse frequency, 1 pair of protective goggles, 50ml atomized carbon dye, tweezers and instruction booklet.

Safe and effective values for operating this system (including fluence and pulse frequency) are included in the easy-to-read instruction booklet for various skin types. Not recommended for skin types 6 (African).

Product Features

  • Economy Salon Use Laser Hair Removal System.
  • The SDL15, The Latest Technology in Permanent Hair Reduction.
  • Home-Use Laser Epilation System.
  • 1 year warranty.
  • 110-240 Volt System with International Style Plug.

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