SDPL Deluxe Professional Laser Hair Removal Machine

Maximum power output is 450% greater than the recommended level for efficient laser shaving (on hair growth types 3-6: brown and black). Laser shaving is also possible with blond and red hair types (2 and 3) using carbon dye. This system is also excellent for general dermatology procedures, age spot removal, wrinkle reduction, laser resurfacing and more. May be used for tattoo removal on most inks. Each power pulse has an effective treatment area of 2cm wide and feels like a brief pinch. Very few patients would describe the procedure as ‘painful’. Having the choice between Laser and IPL procedures is a great option for the professional. There are some tattoo ink colors that Laser will not remove. Those colors respond well to Intense Pulsed Light. The advantages are endless. Complete Deluxe Intense Pulsed Light, Laser Epilation Kit Includes High Output Diode Laser Hand Piece 220jcm2 energy density (fluence), 800 Watt High Output IPL Hand Piece, key lockout safety switch, laser ‘enabled’ system status LED, adjustable intensity, 2 quantity of laser protection eyewear, 150ml carbon dye, tweezers and instructions. Average safe and effective values for output intensity (fluence) and pulse frequency are included in the instruction material for various skin photo types. Before and after pictures below show the superior effectiveness. SPL Maintenance Accessory Items: Flash lamps are rated for 1,200,000 pulses which equates to roughly 3-5 years of average daily use for a salon. The optics package is removable and may be changed for more specific wavelengths using sapphire and ruby ball lenses. View manufacturer’s web site here. Laser Hand Piece Specifications: Pulse Duration: 0.05 to 0.1 seconds. Pulse Frequency: Adjustable from 1-10 pulses/second. Energy Density (fluence): 0 to 220jcm2/second (30jcm2/pulse max). Beam Size and Shape: 2 cm line optics. Treatment Time for Dense Moustache Removal: 1 minute.

Product Features

  • Diode Laser, Super Pulsed Light Combination System.
  • The SDPL Deluxe Laser and SPL Hybrid. For Those Who Demand the Absolute Best!
  • 2 quantity of laser protection eyewear.
  • 1 year warranty.
  • 110-240 Volt System with International Style Plug.

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