Sharper Image Hot Lather Shaving Machine


It was just what my husband wanted. I would recommend it to anyone who shaves. We had been looking for one and he had forgotten about it, so I got on line and found it.

Treat yourself every morning to the luxurious comfort of a rare barbershop hot-lather shave using your favorite foam or gel!
This innovative dual hot-lather machine heats foam or gel practically instantly;
the hot lather raises follicles and softens whiskers to give you the smoothest, most comfortable close shave you’ve ever experienced.
Vary the heat to suit your preference.
Stands 10″ tall. Plugs into a standard outlet.
Fits all brands except Nivea for Men.

Product Features

  • Instantly heats gel or foam.
  • Hot lather softens whiskers for a comfortable shave.
  • Variable temperature control.
  • Atrractive storage cylinder for a neat countertop appearance.
  • Fits most stanadard cans for shaving gel or foam shaving cream.


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