~Shave Ready~ Shaving Straight Razor 6/8″ GD 208 w/ Box

Decent product for the price,

Got a decent, not great, shave right out of the box. Second shave was not as good. I believe I inadvertantly dulled the blade with improper stropping. I now need to order sharpening stones to sharpen blade. I have a very coarse beard and am hoping that sharpening will give me a better shave. Blade pulls more hairs out than it cuts. I’ve done some research and am beginning to get the feeling that I should have spent more money on a proven quality blade. The photos show an unstamped blade. The blade has a Gold Dollar logo embossed on it and made in China stamped at the base. I am giving it 4 stars because it does give an OK shave out of the box and is very inexpensive compared to what are known as quality razors.

Inside your free WSP travel/storage box is a 6/8″ round point classic cut throat straight razor. (We even had it professionally sharpened for you.) America’s greatest generation used straight razors. Do you want to stop paying so much for blades? Don’t you want a better, closer shave? You can experience the closeness, the daring, and the satisfaction of using a real razor. Not only is this one made from real high carbon steel, but it’s been hardened. That’s right, it’s been through the proverbial trial by fire. Short story: hardened steel holds its edge, unlike those “display” razors. The 6/8″ blade is easy to maneuver & see. The bottom jimps gives you a good grip. The round point won’t inadvertently stab you. This one may not win any beauty awards, but at less than 1/3 the price for the same quality shave as a Dovo, it cannot be beat. And, if you really don’t like it, we’ll take it back.

Product Features

  • Best Value Entry/Backup Razor – Shave Ready out of the box
  • Never buy another blade again!
  • Guaranteed Shave Ready or your money back. Professionally sharpened & certified by A Sharper Razor.
  • 3″ x 6/8″ hardened carbon steel blade is easy to judge angles, strop, & hone.
  • Shave better. Shave like a man.


Gold Dollar #208 6/8" Straight Razor shave

Shave of the Day 2013-09-14
This is a video displaying the Gold Dollar #208 6/8" full-hollow straight razor. Gold Dollar razors are made in China, but a good one can be found through a reputable vendor.
They are a great choice when wanting a new razor at low cost.
shave cream: TOBS Jermyn
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  1. Pat says:

    Shave Ready Razor! The seller says the razor is professionally sharpened by the people at ASharperRazor.com. Whoever sharpened the razor, they did a great job. Shaving with it is as smooth and effortless as straight razors come.Shave ready is a term used by the wet shaving community to denote a razor that is sharp enough to shave with. What you may not know is that most razors are not sold as shave ready. Unless specifically advertised as shave ready, you are rolling the dice as to how sharp the razor…

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