~Shave Ready~ Stainless Steel Straight Razor 6/8″ GD 800 w/ Box

Inside your free WSP travel/storage box is your ticket to self sufficiency and manliness. America’s greatest generation used straight razors. You can experience the closeness, the daring, and the satisfaction of using a real razor. The 6/8″ blade is easy to maneuver & see. The top & bottom jimps gives you a good grip. This one may not win any beauty awards, but at less than 1/3 the price for the same quality shave as a Dovo, it cannot be beat. And, if you really don’t like it, we’ll take it back.

Product Features

  • Never buy another blade again! Become self sufficient.
  • Guaranteed Shave Ready or your money back. Professionally sharpened and certified by A Sharper Razor.
  • High quality hardened stainless steel blade holds its edge longer and takes more abuse. (Rust resistant, not rust proof)
  • 3″ x 6/8″ blade is easy to judge angles, strop, & hone.
  • Shave better. Shave like a man.


How To Shave Feather Stainless Steel Straight Razor Shaving Tutorial by Geofatboy ShaveNation.com

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VIEW A STRAIGHT RAZOR SHAVE: http://youtu.be/qDR_1hg-xNs
VIEW A SAFETY RAZOR SHAVE: http://youtu.be/2IuA8HGacJw
STROPPING VIDEO: http://youtu.be/LLaYdf99PIw
Are you tired of the pulling and tugging that accompanies using your multi-blade cartridge razor? Sick of battling razor rash and ingrown hairs? Learn how to shave like your Grandfather and Father did! Yes, The old way is the best way!!!
For those new to Straight and Safety Razor Wet Shaving, Here is a description of how it's done:
STRAIGHT RAZOR SHAVING. HOW TO PERFORM A shave using a Straight Razor, Badger Brush, and Shaving Cream or Soap From a Tub.
A) Shower with Hot Water & Wash Beard with Soap
B) Soak Badger Brush in Cup of Hot Water for 2 Minutes
C) Fill Sink with Hot Water
D) Apply shaving cream to Tips of Badger Brush
E) Mix lather from a tub or tube in a bowl
F) Apply Hot Water to Beard/Do Not Dry Off
G) Apply Shaving Cream or Shaving Soap to Beard
H) Very Gently apply the razor to your face at a 30 degree angle.
1) First Pass Straight Down With The Grain
2) Second Pass From Ear to Nose Across The Grain
3) Third Pass: From Nose to Ear with a Slight Upward Motion.
Or, if you prefer/South to North against the grain
4) Rinse with Hot then Cold Water.
5) Apply Your Favorite After Shave Lotion or Cream/Preferably Alcohol Free.
6) Now You're Ready to Conquer the World!!!!!
Straight Razor and Safety Razor Wet Shaving
I also own straight razors by Boker, Dovo, Wade & Butcher, Torrey, Geo Wostenholm & Sons, Thiers Issard Spartacus, Nahoum Hatem, and Feather No Sharpen Japanese and Folding style. Let me know if you would like to see a demonstration or tutorial on how to use any other razors that interest you. I also hone and strop my own razors if you have any questions about sharpening stones, blades, stropping, sharpening, different grits etc. My favorite creams and soaps that I have used are by BlueBeards, Dreadnought, Proraso, Musgo Real, Taylor, Trumper, Truefitt, Art of Shaving, Mitchell's Wool Fat,Colonel Conk, and of course Old Spice!!! Check out my other videos for Safety Razor, Straight, Best Beard Prep, Cleaning new and used Razors before first use, Proper Technique and How To do it Properly. I have Safety Razors by Edwin Jagger, Cobra, Merkur, Vision, Feather Futur, Gillette, Muhle, Parker, Weishi, and brushes by Parker, Rooney, Vulvix, Tweezerman, Silvertip, Badger, Boar, and synthetic. Safety Razor Blades by Astra, Big Ben, Derby, Lord, Feather, 7AM, Derby, Dorko,Shark, Merkur, Gillette, Schick, and Wilkinson. Sharpening Stones, Hones, Strops, Flattening, Lapping Stones. Visit ShaveNation.com... If you like this video, please click on the thumbs-up and feel free to leave a nice comment.
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  1. Amazon Customer says:

    I may rate this higher after I receive Sharpening stones and make truly “shave ready”. “Shave Ready” doesn’t apply to everyone. For me, it wasn’t sharp enough to give me the shave I anticipated. I do, however, believe I can get it there with some additional honing, If you’re prepared to,and have the ability to do some touch up with a 4k/8k stone, then it,s a terrific buy.For an inexpensive razor, it has a very nice handling feel. Nice weight. After about a month, I had to Repin the back section of the scales. A disappointment, it turned out well, since I did a better job of it…

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