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3 thoughts on “Shaving Factory SF317 Set for Men

  1. D. C. Diamond says:

    Amazing Starter DE Kit I’m very new to double edge shavers I’ve never owned one. So before I spent $100 dollars for a separate razor, brush, cream and blades. I did one of the smartest things I did this year; I bought this set. It came with everything shown. Plus the Razor comes with its own hard (plastic) case which was a total plus. Extremely happy with this set and the quality of the products I got. I looked at the Jagger, the Merkur, and the Parker. And after looking at the price of those razors alone…

  2. Bryan S. Wickel says:

    Love it!! Go Retro! Very fine kit! Also need to change your description.. It ships with 100 blades not 10 plus cream and a brush large enough to cover your whole cheek! Razor was of fine quality and the butterfly doors run smooth. Decent weight, although some are heavier it produces an awesome shave!! Stop and think about it.. cartridge shavers.. you get all this which whith the blades should cover you for at least a year for what you pay for a one month supply of disposable cartridges. Love the shave…

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