Shaving Grooming Set Men’s Manual Safety Razor With Gift Box For Farther Brother

Ideal safety razor suitable for family, outdoor, travel, personal and professional purposes. This device can meet everything you need for daily storage and is easy to store.
Manual safety razors and stents can solve traditional problems such as bacteria and rust. In addition to its elegant display and storage for your razors and brushes, it can also help them dry faster and cleaner, so it can extend life and prevent bacteria, mold and rust from growing!
Our brush is made of pure badger hair. It is soft and mild to the skin but hard enough to produce rich foam. Using a manual razor allows you to experience shaving better and improve your quality of life.
The most suitable gift for men is not only shaving tools, but also precious and unique works of art.

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Product Features

  • Comfortable: red rosewood and alloy safety razor handles, non-slip handle design for easy grip
  • Set products: Use this product with other shaving tools to help you get your shaving care faster. Improve the quality of your life
  • Easy to store: The men’s razor set is placed in a large gift box that is easy to store and meets everything you need for your daily work.
  • Safety and hygiene: The alloy bracket is durable. The holder keeps the razor and brush dry to reduce bacterial and odor growth, rust and mildew
  • Pure badger hair: Our brush is made of Pure badger hair, which is soft and gentle to the skin, but hard enough to produce a rich lather.


Online Beauty Products
Online Beauty Products

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