Shaving Perfection! – Sturdy Long Handle Double Edge Razor for Old Fashioned Shaver Closeness

Great old fashioned razor for a great price

I’m tired of spending ten bucks for a couple replacement blades for a decent razor at the grocery store or buying disposable razors at a good price, only to find that they give terrible razor burn. This razor gives a clean shave and lasts real good, the replacement blades are cheap and this will last forever. Be careful if you are not used to old fashioned razors as you may get some cuts when you and your skin are not used to it. This isn’t practical for shaving my face, but it works great for shaving my back and neck (but that’s just from using modern razors on my face for so long, this is almost like a straight edge razor and you need to be used to it and very cautious to avoid cutting your face.)


The Original! Our Best Selling Open Comb 3 Piece DE Razor Helps to Eliminate Razor Burn

Make the Switch Today – Say Good-Bye To Your Expensive Cartridge Razor System!

Shaving With A Double Edge Razor Helps To Promote Healthier Skin

Using our DE Razor is better for your skin!

– Multiple blades do more harm then good – they scratch the surface of the skin repeatedly, causing razor burn, ingrown hairs, redness and bumps

Using our DE Razor is better for your wallet!

– Cheaper when considering the cost of disposable cartridges and provides an overall cleaner, better shave

Using our DE Razor is easier on the environment!

– A metal blade is easily recycled and the lather from traditional cream products is much more eco-friendly than mainstream gels and creams

Using our DE Razor is better for you!

– A closer shave makes you look your best and therefore leaves you feeling better about yourself!

Using our DE Razor is just plain cool!

– Old-school look and feel, this is shaving the way your Grandfather and Men from the Greatest Generation took care of themselves

Don’t Take Our Word For It – Check Out Our Reviews To Hear What Some Of Our Customers Had To Say!

We know you’ll love our DE Razor so we provided a NO QUESTIONS ASKED 30 day money back guarantee. Go ahead and select the Add to Cart button on this page and get our DE Razor Today.

Product Features

  • 3 Piece Safety Razor – Easy Blade Replacement System – Just unscrew the top and the handle will separate itself from the head
  • Sure Grip – Even with wet hands the Textured Handle is easy to grasp
  • Heavy Duty and Durable – Will Last and Last – Continue to use the DE Razor for years and only pay pennies for replacement blades
  • Comes With Stand and 5 Derby Blades – Most DE Razors don’t come with a stand – an added benefit when purchasing ours. The Derby Blades are fine quality but any replacement blades can be used.
  • Great Idea for Gift Giving – Very High Quality Packaging – The Box is Gift Ready!


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