Shaving Soap WSP Formula T (Matterhorn) 4.7 Oz Made with Shea Butter & Tallow

Fomula T is a homage to classic Americana. We named it after the iconic Ford Model T. The goal was to create the best shaving soap possible. We wanted it to be slick, super easy to lather, have decent cushion, and give you a great post shave feel. Using tallow and shea butter, and concentrating the formula through a long cure time, we think this is the best shave soap for the money! Matterhorn – This fragrance was designed to take you to the Swiss Alps and the sparkling streams of water of the spring snow melt. Crisp and fresh, this is a fantastic fragrance. Inspired by Creed Silver Mountain Water.

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Product Features

  • Building off the success of our vegan Rustic Shaving Soap, we set out to create the best tallow based shave soap possible. We wanted an easy to lather soap with great cushion & moisturizing properties with excelling glide. You be the judge, but we think we nailed it with Formula T.
  • Formulated with tallow & shea butter for extra cushion, moisture, & a superior post shave feel.
  • Made in America at our food grade workshop in Chandler, AZ with moisturizing Tallow & Shea Butter for the perfect shave. Free of synthetic dyes & preservatives. The full list of natural ingredients includes: stearic acid, water, tallow, coconut oil, potassium hydroxide, glycerin, butyrospermum parkii (Shea butter), fragrance, & sodium hydroxide. Free of synthetic dyes & preservatives.
  • Formula T is extremely dense. Our long lasting concentrated soap will last you from 150 up to 350 shaves. 135 grams, 4.7 ounces by weight. The secret is the long curing process. We let the soap cure for as long as it takes to remove any excess water, so all you’re buying is soap; not water.
  • Wide mouth tin makes loading & storage easy.


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3 thoughts on “Shaving Soap WSP Formula T (Matterhorn) 4.7 Oz Made with Shea Butter & Tallow

  1. TMC says:

    Solid Soap…Not a Real Tobacco Scent This is my first time trying any of the shave soaps in this line. I bought it largely because I’m looking for a good soap with a great tobacco scent. I’ve only shaved with this one time but it’s easy to see it’s a great shaving soap. As far as the scent goes, It doesn’t really smell anything like tobacco to me. At first whiff, I thought I didn’t like the smell but on subsequent sniffs I started to warm up to it. Once I lathered up with it, I realized that I do in fact like the scent but it…

  2. EJ says:

    WOW! Fantastic shave soap! Let me preface this review by saying that I have been wet shaving since ’09 and have tried 20+ different shaving soaps and creams. But this product gave me, without a doubt, the MOST COMFORTABLE SHAVE I’VE EVER EXPERIENCED!I shaved with a Merkur Futur safety razor with a Feather double edge blade (the best brand you can buy), and used a silvertip badger hair brush to prep and apply this soap. The smell of the soap is nice and very understated, and the lather was on par with any…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Great soap, super slick! Works into a good lather really easily right in the tin with my lower end badger hair brush. I know from previous purchases of different scents the tins are very long lasting, easily 3+ months. I tried a different brand recently and learned just how good the WSP Formula T really is, I think it will be my go-to for a long while.The only reason for 4 instead of 5 stars is the scent isn’t is good as I had hoped. It does smell good and as you might expect it to…

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