Silver Tone Double Edge Blade Razor Shaver w Nonslip Metal Handle

So Much Better than the Mach XVII Superblade Things

Excellent, heavy if a bit short-handled. Use it all the time and love it. So much cheaper, closer and more satisfying than the pricey eighteen-blade super-cushioned things you get at the store.

Product Features

  • Product Name : Handle Razor;Material : Metal
  • Color : Silver Tone; Handle Size : 9cm/3.5” x 1cm/0.4” (L*D)
  • Head Size : 4cm/1.6” x 2.5cm/1” (L*W); Blade Size : 4.3cm/1.7” x 2.3cm/0.9” (L*W)
  • Weight : 40g
  • Package Content : 1 x Handle Razor,1 x Blade


TEST DRIVE - Weishi double edge razor

Weishi razors are cheap - but are they any good?

Feather blade, Mitchell's Wool fat soap, Omega Boar hair brush.
August 14, 2014 - Comment
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3 thoughts on “Silver Tone Double Edge Blade Razor Shaver w Nonslip Metal Handle

  1. Zac's Town "Guitar" says:

    Quality shaving just got cheaper in a tough economy!!! 🙂 When I was younger, my dad gave me a double edge razor. It was a good razor and I liked it. But then Gillette sent me a free sample over the mail, and I got hooked on the triple, quad, and five blade type uhmm or better yet hype. But like many here, I realized that the replacements kept getting costlier and costlier (and the specials kept getting fewer and less in between). I am a frugal guy and I would stretch out the use of my cartridges. But at the cost of getting in-grown hairs quite…

  2. Cory says:

    Passed lead test I bought this product knowing that it was made in China. With many recent press reports of lead being found in products from China, I was concerned about dragging it across my face on a nearly-daily basis. I bought a simple at-home test for lead from the hardware store, and tested the cutting edge. The test returned a negative result for lead, this product is safe.As a whole, I am happy with it as a first DE razor as well, it provides a very close shave without ANY nicks or razor…

  3. somedudewhobuysthings says:

    Don’t buy the RiMei razor from this seller I have to write a review, so that others don’t get ripped off like I did. I actually previously bought one of these from Amazon before this current one. Previously, I purchased this item: That razor instantly turned into my favorite. So I decided to purchase a second one as a backup since no stores sell it around here, and heck, it’s only $2.50. So I purchased another one; it showed the same product…

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