Skull and Face Electric Shaver (Improved)

Skull Shaver® Electric Head Shaver for Men with precision cutting system comfortably reaches back of head and face. The Skull Shaver® features a small patented hand-held shaver handle that easily fits in the palm of the hand and its shaped horizontally as opposed to the traditional vertical shaver handle. These shaver features 5 individual flex action, double super thin heads which automatically adjusts to every curve of the scalp or face for a smooth shave. This feature enables the user to shave in any direction, including a circular motion. The Skull Shaver® can be used anywhere, anytime. It is small, portable and lightweight. Quick cleaning allows rinsing out hairs with warm water (shaver head only) without opening shaver head. Shaver needs to be charged for 4 hours before first use. Recharging takes four hours. Each recharge will give you approximately 30 minutes of shaving time. If it takes you three minutes to shave then each full charge will give you approximately ten shaves. This model is ideal for light users. For more heavy users a more robust model Bald Eagle Pro and Bald Eagle Smart are available with much stronger battery and motor. ****Maintenance and Cleaning instructions are available on the Maintenance page of our website:**** As always we offer full satisfaction or your money back guarantee.

Product Features

  • July 4th Sale 3 days Only!!!! Electric Shaver designed for bald head and face shaving
  • Patented design for extra reach of back of head and body. It features large swirling shaver head with five rotary cutters for fast and close shave of large areas of head and body. Easy to clean and rinse without opening shaver heads.
  • Comfortable Dry shave. Quick rinse cleaning of shaver head only
  • Rechargeable. Cordless operation only. 4 hours to fully recharge. More powerful models are available under Bald Eagle Shaver (Wet or Dry)
  • DRY SHAVE ONLY. Allows Quick Rinse with warm water for Shaver head only. Supports 110 to 220 V


Best head And Face Electric Shaver - Bald Eagle Shaver by Skull Shaver

Bald Eagle Smart Electric Razor by skull Shaver is Premium Product which specializes in Head and face shaving with its 5 sets of rotatory Blades it cuts hair like a pudding

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bald and eagle Smart lcd shaver come with a small travel pouch and its gives around 45 min of usage on a single charge its gives extra smoothness and shaving without any irritation

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2 thoughts on “Skull and Face Electric Shaver (Improved)

  1. N. Gale "Nick" says:

    Good shave, great customer service It is not always able to get as close as using a blade, but when used together with one, is much easier to keep my head shaved down bald.Update: 1/30/2013Have been using the shaver nearly daily since I first opened it. I have found that with regular cleaning, daily use & a razor touch-up about twice a week, I can easily keep my head shaved down bald. So far, using only a cocoa butter cream, I have had no razor burn or dry patches. I am not a naturally balding person, so I put…

  2. James Espy says:

    A Good Idea Poorly Executed This is my first review of a product and I wish it could be a more positive one. So I will do my best to be positive in tone, if not in content. Perhaps Skull Shaver works well for some people, but I’m not sure who that would be. So here I go with the standard Pros/Cons list:Pros:1. This thing looks really nice in a photograph online. If I really wanted to impress my friends, I would post a picture of it for them all to see!2. This product will give me the…

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