Spitalfields 100% Pure Premium Badger Bristle with Signature Classic Long Black Handle

It’s been 20+ years, but I am back to brush shaving!

I have to say the first time I used the brush and bowl I fell in love with them. I shave in the shower, so it was a little tricky at first. I filled the bowl with hot water, and let the brush soak, while I washed my body. I soaped up my head and faced and rinsed off.

I then took the brush and dipped and swirled it a little into the soap block, to apply soap to the brush. I emptied nearly all the water from the bowl leaving just a touch in, then brush whipped my head of foam in the bowl… It looked YUMMY! 😉 I then applied and shaved.

I have to say, there is a nice difference, between using the brush method vs. applying soap from your hand. I got a better, closer shave. There is something rather cathartic and meditative doing a brush shave.

Spitalfields 100% Pure Premium Badger Bristle with Signature Classic Long Black Handle Barber Shop Shaving Brush – Old Spitalfields

The Old Spitalfields Brush with its soft, over-sized 24mm brush head holds plenty of water to create that fluffy, foamy lather to protect your skin while shaving. When used with a high quality soap or cream, the rich lather will help soften your hair, while the 100% Pure Premium Badger Bristles will help lift your beard away from your skin, creating an excellent shaving experience.

Spitalfields shaving brushes are made of 100% Pure Premium Badger Bristles, and are high quality products at affordable prices. All of the Spitalfields shaving brushes are hand assembled.

• Comes with an over-sized 24mm brush head

• Classic barber shop handle

• Excellent starter brush or an addition to your collection

• Free acrylic brush stand for proper storage and drying

• Housed in an attractive gift box

Product Features

  • 100% Pure Premium Grade Badger Bristle
  • Oversized Brush Knot – 24 mm
  • Great water retention to generate that foamy, luxurious lather
  • Free Acrylic Brush Stand!
  • Comes in a Very Nice Gift Box!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I decided since I switched to Harry’s razors that I wanted to go back to brush shaving.I used to use a cheap artificial bristle shaving brush, and cheap soap cup back in my 20’s. For the last 20+ years I have just been using a bar of soap put on by hand. Just down and dirty shaving. Now that I am in my 50’s I want to pamper myself a bit more and go back to the brush, but do it with a real bristle. I picked the Spitalfields 100% Pure Premium Badger Bristle with long handle since it…

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