Stubble Butter – Anti Irritation Pre Shave Oil for Men – Best Shaving Oil For Wet Shaving – Satisfaction Guaranteed – Works With All Straight Razors, Shaving Cream and Shaving Kits – Excellent Beard Oil – Always Unscented – Shave Against The Grain

Why YOU Need Pre Shave Oil

Let’s face it, you don’t know what pre shave oil really is,
what it does, and why it works.

You buy it because the first time someone gifted you a classic wet shaving kit,
it was part of it.

It felt nice and greasy, so you slapped it on your face and thought,
this is what I need to make my razor slide across my face easier.


Time to start your education:

Part 1

First, there are men who don’t need pre shave oil to shave. They don’t need shaving
cream. They barely need water.

They can rub a sharp razor across their bare skin without fear of nicks and cuts.

The reason? Their skin is supple.

It holds moisture and when confronted with a sharp object, it bends with it.

This isn’t you

Your skin is dried out. It’s irritated.

It may be covered by a hairy beard or nothing at all, but the part of the skin
that should bend and give with a razor doesn’t.

It breaks. It rips. It tears and bleeds, and out comes the toilet paper.

High quality pre shave oil puts your skin in the proper state to be shaved.

If it has the right ingredients…

Part 2

Many companies’ products contain something that should NEVER be in a pre shave oil.

Part 2 continued after purchase…

Our Guarantee

We strive to create great products perfect for your body, as well as satisfied customers.

If you’re not completely happy with our product after 60 days, just let us know and
we’ll replace your product or refund 100% of your purchase price – NO questions asked.

Product Features

  • NEW LIMITED TIME LAUNCH DISCOUNT – while supplies last
  • Unmatched moisture retention means your skin has MAXIMUM PROTECTION against nicks and cuts. Don’t settle for less than smooth, nick free skin
  • Potent anti-irritation ingredients are infused into the oil to SOOTH your skin and reduce redness. High quality oils absorb quickly into the skin leaving soft, supple, shaveable skin.
  • Money Back ANYTIME Guarantee – no questions asked. If this oil isn’t for you, just let us know and we’ll refund all your money. We stand behind out product 100%
  • Why should you use a pre shave oil? READ BELOW to find out

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