Suavecito Pomade Firme Hold 4 oz

Our NEW generation of water-based pomade. All the same great features of our original Suavecito Pomade but with a deadlier grip! Lasts longer and holds tighter! People have been begging for it and now it is finally here!

Specially formulated for those harder-to-hold styles. Your hair will thank you. This Pomade grips your hair like wax, but is water soluble. Washes out just like a hair gel (the best of both worlds!) The product contains a unique scent that has proven to be extremely admirable by males and females alike! It smells very clean. Works perfect on classic, modern, retro and old-school styles with a strong hold that lasts all day. Add a little bit of water during application for a hair-style that has that “wet” look.

You will be pleased when you discover how effortlessly this product washes out in the shower!

Product Features

  • Works like a wax
  • Strong hold
  • Washes out quickly and easily
  • Smells great!
  • Made 100% in U.S.A.


Suavecito Firme Hold Review -- Pomade for the Common Man

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January 17, 2015 - Comment
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3 thoughts on “Suavecito Pomade Firme Hold 4 oz

  1. Brian Dan says:

    One among many of the greats…great price! This is a good hair jelly. There’s a lot of good water soluble pomades out there. I’d just as easily give Shiner Gold and Admiral 5 stars just the same. Some people get a little too particular about the differences. For the most part, the ingredients are the same. Some are thicker than others, and of course the smell is different. I really like Suavecito’s fragrance. It’s masculine, unique, and not over powering. Plus it’s fun to say….Suavecito…hehehe. I’ve found that I kind of…

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