Sunmy®Durable Shaver DE Razor Sturdy Compact Razor Close Shaving Double-Edge Blade Safety Razor Mens Shavor Men Spring Moustache Clippers Beard Trimmer-5 pcs Blades(silver)

Sunmy Long Handled Double Edges Blade Safty Razors are famous for their PHENOMENAL SHAVING with unrivaled shaving efficiency and unparalleled quality.
* Classic design-Traditional style and silver apperance with removeable double edges blades manifests the your unique taste.
* TRAVEL PORTABLE and upmarket quality-Small size and close but gentle touch of you skin take your senstive face into consideration.
* Antiskid rod-no sliding off your hand allows you to control it firmly. Totally get the safety!!!
* ENVIRONMENTAL handled razor-Totally manual operation expressing that you have a thorough awareness of environment-protection. Besides, never worry about power off and broken accidently.
The perfect gift for your loved ones for birthdays, Father’s Day, holdidays or even for fun. The man in your life wether father or husband will truly appreciate it. Click “Add to Cart” to buy now!

1. Wash your face firstly to make sure your skin is wet enough.
2. Applied the foam for about 2-3 minutes before shaving.
3. Clean the blades in order to make it much more effiecient.
4. After using the item, wash it by water and then keep it dry.
5. Take away the product to prohibit Children to touch it.

Product Dimensions:0.2X0.33X0.1IN (6X10X3cm)
Weight: 2.7oz
Packing size:0.2X0.33X0.1IN (6X10X3cm)
Material: Chrome with matel coated
Color: silver razor packed by black case
Packing list: 1X safty razor(with black case)
6X blades(free as gift)

Product Features

  • Classic in both style and function, the Clean Shave Safety Razor gives you a premium, comfortable shave even your grandfather’s barber would be proud of.
  • ALTER YOUR APPEARANCE AS A MAN – Rock Solid Guarantee!
  • Get the Satisfaction of a clean shave Without any nicks or bumps to go with it
  • Heavy Vintage-style Shaver has solid weight to it making it easier to grasp (not flimsy)
  • With 5 free blades for gifts. Try it now!!! Travel Kit!! Spring Hair removal!!

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3 thoughts on “Sunmy®Durable Shaver DE Razor Sturdy Compact Razor Close Shaving Double-Edge Blade Safety Razor Mens Shavor Men Spring Moustache Clippers Beard Trimmer-5 pcs Blades(silver)

  1. Digital Jason says:

    Unique razor, read full review for details. I have recently gotten into DE (Double Edge) safety razor shaving, and have now found myself spending way more money testing things out than I should have, between razors, brushes, soaps, etc… Regardless I am addicted and have enjoyed the switch from disposables. I now have 6 razors so I have some good alternatives to compare against.I wanted to list out some pros and cons of this razor, however it’s a bit unique comparatively speaking. When you read below, it may sound…

  2. Diana L. Easterday says:

    Perfect Shave Everytime! First off, this razor is absolutely beautiful!! Secondly, if you’re tired of paying TOP dollar for those refill cartridges, you should definitely invest in this double edge safety razor.I will admit, it does take some getting used to. Do NOT apply pressure as you shave, allow the weight of the razor to do the work. It will glide effortlessly and easily along your skin. I recommend handling them cautiously and keeping them out of the reach of children.Perfect for men or…

  3. Rita Ribs says:

    You could spend more, but if you are just needing an entry level double razor, this will get the job done! Comes in a case with 5 additional blades included. this set is okay for its price point if you are looking for a double edged old fashioned and economical shaver. That being said, once I opened the case, I could not get it to close again properly and the head of the shaver is not really what I expected.I appears to be made cheaply, but it did seem sturdy enough to handle the job! The whole set breaks down for cleaning and all in all, if you are going for function, this will get…

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