SUNNIOR Epilator Painless Hair Removal Waterproof Mini Mute Razor for Women (Battery-Operated)

Hot-line painless hair removal technology, can inhibit hair regeneration, to prevent hair follicles thicker, hair hardened. Repeated use of more obvious effect.
Battery Types: AA battery.
Cleaning Type: Washable Body
Product Material: ABS

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1, safe shaving. Floating knife net, anti-allergy material.
2, painless hair removal, fast shaving, do not hurt the skin and sweat glands.
3, high-quality stainless steel, can be used repeatedly.
4, super waterproof, you can dry and wet use.
5, mini-volume, easy to carry.

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Usage: Shaving along the hair growth direction, after hair removal applying moisturizing lotion on the skin .
Too long hair needs to be trimmed to 5mm or lessRecommended to use about three times a week

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Packing: an electric epilator (not including battery)

Product Features

  • Function: multi-functional stripper one-time solve your armpit hair, leg hair, hair, private hair problems and so on.
  • Painless hairbrush: floating knife net, anti-allergy material, safe and Comfortable, do not stimulate and hurt the pores, can restore your smooth skin.
  • Sharp stainless steel knife head, you can repeatedly use thousands of times when hair removal,can clean annoying hair thoroughly.
  • Strong waterproof: This is a products can be used when you take a shower in the bathroom , can be used bouth of dry and wet.
  • Portable: lipstick size of the mini-volume. Very convenient to travel to carry.

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