Surgi-Care Surgi-Wax Wax Honey Body Wax Strips

Get Honey Soft Skin

Honey wax strips for convenient and easy use. It is an easy method for hair removal. These are really long strips to remove hair easily from legs, arms and bikini line. Surgi-Care Surgi-Wax Wax Honey Body Wax Strips, is a no mess, no fuss wax strip. Warm the strips, pull it apart, apply and remove.

Easy to use, gives a soft skin after hair removalEffective, safe and simpleNo-heat formula, ready-to-use

This product is just great for removing all that unwanted body hair instantly.

Just for you: All women who want smooth silky skin.

A Closer Look: Surgi-Care Surgi-Wax Wax Honey Body Wax Strips soothes and moisturizes your skin and gets rid of all that unwanted hair without any pain. Results last for up to six weeks. You also get a bonus soothing gel with aloe, chamomile and cucumber to soothe and moisturize your skin.

You Won’t Find: Harsh chemicals

Get Started: Warm between hands for a few moments and pull apart. Smooth onto desired area in the direction of hair growth. Remove in the opposite direction of hair growth.

Product Features

  • Item Condition: 100% authentic, new and unused. Surgi-Wax Honey Wax Strips for Bikini, Body and Legs 14 Double-Sided Strips ( 28 Applications ).
  • Surgi-Wax Honey Wax Strips Bikini, Body Legs 14 Double-Sided Strips

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