Surgi-cream Hair Remover Extra Gentle Formula For Face

Fantastic I’m Glad I Decided to Try

No redness, removal was easy, the hair was gone, and I was just so amazingly happy! I have had my face burn and stay red for four days using other products (and I just wish I was exaggerating here). One product I tried I had wasn’t even finished applying it and all the sudden my face was on fire I couldn’t get it off fast enough and as fast as I took it off (less than 45 seconds) my face was already burned and I had to deal with yet another 3 or 4 days worth of red raw skin.

I left this on for about the max time before removing. I experienced no burning, no irritation and no remorse! This was a 3 box purchase but I will reorder when I need to I’ll be using Surgi until it either gets discontinued or my skin decides it doesn’t like it anymore.

Product Features

  • America’s #1 facial depilatory
  • Specifically formulated for those with sensitive skin
  • Gently removes hair from upper lip, cheek and chin in just 5-8 minutes
  • Formula also contains soothing Aloe Vera and Cucumber to soothe and moisturize
  • Pleasant fresh scent that does not smell like a depilatory

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3 thoughts on “Surgi-cream Hair Remover Extra Gentle Formula For Face

  1. Belinda R. McNutt "Lady Golfnut" says:

    Stop paying for lip wax at the salon!!! I have used this product for several years, and it’s wonderful! Since I’ve bought this, I haven’t paid for facial waxing for the upper lip and the lower half of my face – it has saved me a lot of money. I have extra-sensitive skin (Rosacea), and it doesn’t turn my face red. It works just as it’s advertised. It doesn’t take very much of the product to remove hair from the whole lower half of your face (not cheeks); however, please don’t exceed the 8 minute time limit. It will start to burn…

  2. Surgi Cream User says:

    Excellent solution to unwanted hair! This is the perfect solution to unwanted hair. Keeps hair thin and natural looking opposed to shaving! You do have to slowly introduce it to your skin, meaning, you should probably not leave the cream on for the max time listed on the instructions when you first start using it. Also, when you are going to remove it make sure the water is not too hot or too cold. Using water that’s too hot usually irritates my skin. When removing the cream my best method is to use a cottonball and use a lot…

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