Surgi-wax Brazilian Waxing Kit For Private Parts, 4-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 3)

Brazilian Waxing Kit for Private Parts – The Brazilian bare look – and we mean completely bare – is hot, hot, hot! Getting the Brazilian look is as easy as regular bikini waxing with the detailed step-by-step instructional guide and no muslin strips needed! Start with the best salon quality hard wax available and add Maple Honey to increase the grip on each hair for complete removal right from the root. Results are smooth and sexy with no need to worry about stubble for up to 6 weeks. And with continued use, hair returns slower, finer and sparser.

Product Features

  • Easily prepated, simply microwave and stir
  • Jar has a convenient handle so looking for potholders or burning your hands never happens
  • Includes a Pre-Epilation Oil that ensures that wax always adheres just to the hair and never skin
  • Spatulas are wide and eacy to grip and have a wide spreading surface to lay down more wax at a time, speeding up the process
  • Brazilian Waxing Guide contains very detailed step-by-step instructions and illustrations to make the process easy

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3 thoughts on “Surgi-wax Brazilian Waxing Kit For Private Parts, 4-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 3)

  1. L. Chew says:

    Great product, highly recommended! Plus some tips… I love this product! I started using it in August of ’09 and have repurchased it many times. I had never waxed any part of my body before using this and took a big risk going with a Brazilian my first time out. It can be messy, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be a pro in no time.Here are some key tips based on my experience:1) Make sure the wax is heated until it’s thin enough to get all the way down to the skin. If it’s too thick and sits on top of your…

  2. Robin M. Elder says:

    Best by far! I started out using Surgi-wax to do a Brazillian style wax. I got about 2 waxes out of it, and it did a great job, but I thought it was bit expensive considering shipping and handling. So, I bought Sally Hansen’s bikini wax kit at my local store. It’s soft wax…and was a painful nightmare! It was messy, and didn’t remove the hair efficiently, which meant redoing a lot of areas. The wax stuck to everything and was a HUGE mess! I quit half way thru and just shaved. Plus, I was left with swollen,…

  3. Ketty says:

    Cheap and effective This stuff doesn’t completely remove every piece of hair but it’s cheap (compared to a $80 session at a salon) and does the job well. I highly recommend it! I found this way better than shaving since 1 day after shaving I’d get stubble and itch. YES the first few times are painful, but as your hair thins out from waxing, it shouldn’t be as painful after. Therefore, do this every month to prevent your hair from grown back thick. One complaint I have is that the microwave directions weren’t very…

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