SweetSpot Labs balancing mist, No.14 Geranium Lavender

A luxurious, gentle mist especially intended for sweet spot use. Packed with pH balancing sweetifiers, skin and hair conditioners, vitamins, soothing essential oils and botanicals. Nourishing, refreshing and pH balancing. Your sweet spot is sure to find its center. Spritz liberally throughout the day. Great all over your body too! Available in 4 scents: unscented, citrus galbanum, geranium lavender, basil grapefruit.

Product Features

  • 4oz bottle Geranium Lavender scented balancing mist
  • Packed with pH balancing sweetifiers
  • Made with soothing essential oils and botanicals
  • 360 degree spray for ease of use
  • Specially formulated for a woman’s sweet spot

December 8, 2014 - Comment
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2 thoughts on “SweetSpot Labs balancing mist, No.14 Geranium Lavender

  1. haley says:

    It works. I have been plagued with multiple UTI’s/yeast infections over the past six months or so that I have been with my boyfriend. I have tried pretty much everything imaginable to prevent these problems and after researching every reason under the sun, I’ve come to the conclusion that for whatever reason, he somehow throws my pH levels off. This stuff has worked great to restore those levels for me when used after having “special time” lol, I also use it throughout the day occasionally just…

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