Taconic Shave EUCALYPTUS MINT Shaving Cream, Creates a Rich and Luxurious Lather – 4 oz.

Taconic Shave Eucalyptus Mint Shave Cream creates a lather is rich, slick, luxurious and extremely long lasting. There is no better shave cream at any price. This product uses many organic ingredients and is made in the USA by artisan soap and cream makers. This cream can be used with a brush (recommended) or brushless. Either will deliver a fabulous shave. An excellent product and an excellent price. Highly concentrated, one container will last for several months.

Product Features

  • An extremely rich and luxurious shaving cream — made with premium ingredients.
  • Generates a thick long lasting latther — Excellent with a badger shave brush. Can also be used as a brushless cream.
  • Super Concentrated.. A little goes a long way.
  • Softens and moisturizes your beard and skin for an incredible shave.
  • Proudly made in the USA by a shave soap/shave cream artisan!

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3 thoughts on “Taconic Shave EUCALYPTUS MINT Shaving Cream, Creates a Rich and Luxurious Lather – 4 oz.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice stuff, and nice for your skin. Fist of all, don’t base your decision to buy on the scent. It’s VERY mild, and doesn’t stick around for long. The consistency is so creamy, you’ll think that you’re going to scoop half it out with your brush, but you won’t. I dip my brush right into the tub, and never get too much. I was using Proraso, which has a bit of “grit” to it that always prevented me from getting as close as I thought I could, and dulled my razor, which is unforgivable. I like this Taconic much more. I don’t care about…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Feeling refreshed and energized I normally use shaving soap and did not think I would switch when I ordered this product. It was a positive surprise. It lathers well for me even with very small amounts (always on the skin – I don’t use a bowl) and performs well during the shave. What I like most is how refreshed and energized my skin feels. I have not used my soap ever since I tried the Taconic cream. It looks like one jar will last me 6-8 months. If it turns out to be much less, I may reduce my rating because of the lesser…

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