Nose Wax Kit – Nose Hair Wax Kit for Men and Women 2.1oz (60 grams) OZWAX Nose Hair Removal Wax for Home Use, BONUS Gift Tweezer for Nose Hair

Ozwax Nose Wax Kit is the ideal choice for gentle removal of unsightly nose hair. Feel confident knowing that annoying nose hair is gone. Nose hair removal provides relief from the itching associated with unwanted nose hair. Feel clean and refreshed as unsightly nose hair is removed. 

Hygienic and safe Ozwax nose wax applicators remove visible nose hair around the edges of the nostril, ensuring important nasal hair further up the nose remain intact. The Ozwax nose wax is a hypoallergenic natural formula which is FDA approved. It is ideal for unwanted hair removal on sensitive skin and ensures maximum comfort. The hard wax beans have flexible heating options making it ideal for travel. 

There are quick and easy to follow instructions including diagrams with your Ozwax wax kit. This ensures the effective and comfortable removal of the unwanted nose hair. Many say that removing nose hair with wax is more comfortable than using a nose hair trimmer.

Ozwax Nose Kit is suitable for men and women. Use your waxing kit for hair removal inside the nostrils and unwanted hair on the surface of your nose and midbrow known as the monobrow. It is a money saving multi use kit that includes hard wax beans, safe nose applicators, measuring jug, wooden wax sticks and wax cups and moustache protector and a free gift – the mini tweezer! The ahle mini tweezer with precision tip is the perfect size for your wallet, purse of bag making it ideal for travel and grabbing the unexpected unwanted hair.

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Product Features

  • EASY TO USE NOSE HAIR WAX : Remove nose hair from your nostrils in seconds. Lasts 4 -6 weeks!
  • SATISFYING NOSE HAIR REMOVAL : Feel fresh, clean and smooth. Breathe better. Relax Feel confident!
  • BONUS NOSE WAX KIT : All you need with easy to follow instructions Includes free nose hair tweezer
  • QUALITY NOSE WAX : Hypo-allergenic nose wax. Remains pliable so ensures best comfort FDA Approved
  • GUARANTEED NOSE WAXING KIT : Designed in Australia. Superior performance. Purchase with confidence