Black Friday Clearance Sale Day 2017 – AB Handicrafts Pink Pottery Shaving Bowl for Men / Bowl For Shave And Cream / Portable Shaving Bowl Mug / Made in India, Beautiful Gift for Men

Black Friday Clearance Sale Day 2017 – AB Handicrafts Pink Pottery Shaving Bowl for Men / Bowl For Shave And Cream / Portable Shaving Bowl Mug / Made in India, Beautiful Gift for Men

Product Features

  • Easy to Clean , Made by artisans in India.
  • Beautiful, Attractive Designed to Make Your Shave Exceptional!
  • Dishwasher & Microwave Safe, Holds All Brands of Your Favorite Shaving Soap
  • Excellent gift for Birthdays, Fathers day, Valentines day, boyfriends, dads or brothers!
  • Dimentions 3 inches hight and 4 inches wide

2017 Sale – Spitalfields Shaving Company *Premium Grade* Brush and Razor Stand – Millwall 37 – Chrome with Faux Beechwood

Spitalfields Shaving Company *Premium Grade* Brush and Razor Stand

The Spitalfields Shaving Company Millwall 37 – Chrome with Faux Beechwood Brush and Razor Stand is the traditional brush and razor stand. If you are going to invest money in your brush and razor, it is prudent to store your valuable brush and razor properly.

This elegant and stylish brush and razor stand will compliment any setting. The stand will hold most traditional brush and razor.

• Chrome with Faux Beechwood Finish
• Weighted Base to prevent tipping
• Felt bottom to prevent slippage and damage to counter top
• Housed in an attractive hand made gift box

Product Features

  • Traditional Style in Chrome with Faux Beechwood, Measures 6 Inches Tall and 3 Inches in Diameter for the Base
  • Excellent System to Dry Your Shaving Brush and Store Your Razor
  • Non-Slip Protective Sole to Stay in Place and Protect Counter Top
  • Weighted Base to Ensure Stability
  • Housed in an Attractive Spitalfields Shaving Company Hand Made Gift Box

2017 Sales Professional Barber Straight Edge Razor – Stainless Steel Men’s Manual Shaver – Salon Quality Smooth Shave with 5 Replacement Blades of 7OG

Excellent Top Quality Brand New Professional Shavette Shaving Razor.

How To Use Unicorn Plus Shevette Razor

★ With the blade still in its wrapping, carefully bend lengthways until the blade snaps. Remove wrapper and place to one side.
★ Open the top hinged cover of the Shavette until it is pulled back completely. ★ Split the blade holder so that the Shavette is now fanned out into 3 parts. ★ Carefully take one half of the snapped blade and place in line with the location pins.
★ Carefully close the other side of the blade holder over the blade until the pins go into the holes. If the blade moves slightly at this point then push lightly back into position (but don’t use your fingers to do so as it is going to be sharp). Push the hinged cover back over the blade holder. A small portion of the edge of the blade should now be showing evenly.
★ Congratulations! You are now ready to commence the best shave of your life.

Package Contains

♣ 1 x Shaving Razor (Blades are not included)
♣ 1 x PVC Pouch

Product Features

  • ♣ NEW ARRIVAL !!! Classic Shaving Razor come in PVC Pouch With 1 Pack of Razor Baldes
  • ♣The classier razors on Amazon at this price! – Limited offer!
  • ♣ Cut throat shaving without the hassle.
  • ♣ Comes with fine quality PVC storage pouch
  • ♣ Limited Time Offer – SO GRAB IT NOW 🙂

Hairless Summer! 2017 Hot Women & Men Painless Hair Removal Cream Depilatory For Leg Hair Armpit (CAICUI)

Package Content:

1x Hair removal cream

Net content: 80g

Product Features

  • Use natural and painless formula enhanced hair removal cream for coarse hair and coarse pores of the cortical design, penetrate into hair roots to soften hair, and easy to
  • remove the hair, gently protect your skin, especially with vitamin E and inhibit hair growth factor, to help shrink the hair follicle and nourish skin, to give you smooth skin.
  • Efficacy: after-sun repair, firming, moisturizing, anti-aging, brighten skin tone
  • How to use: &1Wipe hair removal site with a warm towel, then evenly coate hair paste along the hair growth direction, smear thickness of paste is 1-2mm, until the hair is completely covered. &2After 6-2 minutes, the hair curls like a propelle, which means hair has removed, then you can gently wipe hair removal cream with a paper towel. &3Use water to clean the residue (not suitable to use soap)
  • Precautions: &1 It is disabled to be used for inflamed and impaired skin surface, people that has a history of allergies uses cautiously &2 Please place in a shade place and avoid high temperature and direct sunlight.