Trunple IPL Hair Removal System with Goggles – Professional Painless IPL Hair Removal Device for Women – 500,000 Flashes, 5 Level Adjustment, Manual/Auto Settings Home Use (Pink)

Product Features

  • Professional IPL Hair Remover : Upgraded IPL technology emits full spectrum 530nm to 1200nm, generate pulse widths up to 250ms, take advantage of intense pulse light theory, light can penetrate skin & targeting in melanin directly, the light can destroy hair follicle and prevent hair growing, suitable for women & men hair removal,
  • What To Expect : The bigger light hole can effects on larger diameter targets, 98% of hairs is visibly decreased even not grow thick hairs any more after 8 weeks, get silk skin in 4-6 months (different skin type will have different time), medical beauty also can be realized by yourself, dermatologists highly recommended,
  • Super Long Lifespan : 4 years¡¯ lifespan, LCD screen display, 500,000 times flash with auto flash function, release your hands, lower heat generated, 5 adjustable light flash intense level, manual/auto settings home use optional painless mode brings you more comfortable feeling,
  • Fast Heat Dissipation : built-in fans cooling IPL hair removal body fast, improve machine working performance, good quality filters ensure stable light output, lower temperature touches your skin surface, freely use hair remover on your body,
  • Service and Warranty : 100% Satisfaction guaranteed, You don¡¯t really have to buy a replacement lamp! Non-battery operated, please keep it plugged in an outlet when in use. We offer a 12-month Worry-Free Warranty.

IPL Permanent hair removal for women 700,000 Flashes Painless Facial Legs Bikini Professional Hair Removal System With 5 Energy Level Adjustment Use at Home

Product Features

  • PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL: This hair removal device uses IPL broad-spectrum visible light. 700000 flash effectively removes hair. Strong pulsed light penetrates the epidermis and is absorbed by the hair follicle in the dermis to generate heat energy, the heat energy rapidly increases and decompose melanin in hair follicles, slowing hair growth , eventually preventing it completely.
  • SAFE&WITHOUT SIDE EFFECTS: This ipl hair removal for women and men has FDA safe approved. This hair removal system does not cause damage to your sweat glands compared to other hair removal devices. In addition, we have a sensing device installed in the window to activate the device for flashing only when the window Is close to the skin.
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL PARTS OF THE BODY: This permanent hair removal is equipped with manual mode and automatic mode to suit the hair removal needs of different body parts. Manual mode is for smaller areas such as bikini line, underarm, finger, face. Auto mode is for larger areas such as arms, legs and back. Auto mode flashes once in 0.5 seconds, it mean that each treatment times is quicker.
  • MAKE YOUR SKIN SMOOTHER: For different hair levels, we have 5 different energy levels. The higher level, the higher the energy and the better the hair removal effect. And the hair removal system can also shrink your pores while removing hair, restore the original elasticity of the skin, eliminate or reduce wrinkles. It is recommended to try from the first gear when using it for the first time.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: You’re taking no risk with your purchase. Our IPL removal system is backed by the seller with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 12 month seller warranty. If you are not satisfied with any of our products and services, please feel free to contact us.

Laser Hair Removal for Women, Permanent Facial Leg Upper Lip Body Painless Hair Removal, IPL 500,000 Flashes With 5 Different Level Adjustment and Manual/Auto Settings

Innovative IPL Technology!Amazing!

Prime Fitness hair removal device uses safe and clinically-proven IPL(Intense Pulsed Light).It works by IPL penetrates into dermis and is absorbed by melanin in hair follicle.The absorbed light energy is converted to heat energy,heating the hair follicle,focusing light energy at the root to break the cycle of growth.Disabling the hair follicle and preventing further growth.

2 Modes:

1.Flash Mode –This mode is for precision areas such as underarms, bikini areas and face.

2.Auto Mode–Slide Mode is for easy and fast use on areas such as legs,arms and stomach.

No Need Replacement Cartridge

LCD screen, clearly see the number of remaining flashes,500,000 flashes,can provides the equivalent of full body treatments for up to 20 years, you will never worry about replacing your cartridge. One Year Warranty

Prime Fitness has been committed to providing high quality products and good sales service. Any quality problems with the product or you are not satisfied with the result of hair removal within one year, you can get a replacement for free or you can get a full refund.

How often to use ?

Stage 1:Twice a week for the first 4 weeks.

Stage 2:Once a week for the 5-8 weeks.

Stage 3:Once a month after 9-12 weeks for optimal results.

Pack Including:

✔ IPL hair removal
✔ Protection glass
✔ AC Adapter
✔ User Manual
✔ Shaver
✔ Instructions

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Product Features

  • 【CLINICALLY-PROVEN IPL TECHNOLOGY】The IPL hair removal system uses the same safe and clinically proven IPL (Strong Pulse Light) technology used by professional dermatologists and beauty salons. The principle is to emit a strong pulse and be absorbed by the hair follicle, thereby damaging the hair follicle and achieving permanent hair removal.
  • 【500,000FLASHES & LED DISPLAY】This 500,000 flashes IPL hair removal system is available for 5-10 people. And this IPL hair removal system is equipped with a liquid crystal display to clearly see the remaining number. In addition, it also has a skin sensing system, which only emits light when the lamp head is vertically attached to the skin to prevent waste.
  • 【FAST & EFFECTIVE HAIR REMOVAL】With this IPL hair removal system, the hair follicles began to shrink, hair growth slowed, hair was reduced by more than 75% after 2 weeks.And the hair becomes significantly less and thinner in 4 weeks treatment . 90% of hair growth can be inhibited and the skin became smooth after 8 weeks . And after 12 weeks, you don’t have to have regular treatment, just say goodbye to repeated hair loss.
  • 【5 ENERGY LEVELS & 2 FLASH MODES】It has 5 different energy levels to accommodate different skin sensitivities. Two flash modes design can satisfy your demands on different hair removal parts.The flash mode is mainly used for small area hair removal, such as bikini line, fingers, lips; and the slide mode can be used for large hair removal area, such as arms, legs, chest, stomach and back.
  • 【RISK FREE PURCHASE】Our IPL hair removal system is backed by Seller 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and 12 Months Seller Warranty. If you have any questions,please feel free contact us,we will provide professional technology team to service for you.

IPL Permanent Hair Removal for Women 600,000 Flashes Painless Facial Legs Bikini Professional Hair Removal System With 5 Energy Level Adjustment Use at Home

Product Features

  • ONCE AND FOR ALL:This hair removal device has 600,000 flashes and an extremely long service life. It is enough for one person to use for 15 years.
  • GET RID OF HAIR TROUBLES: According to the analysis of the effect of more than 1000 users. Clinical proven up 97% of women experienced noticeable results after 3 treatments. The hair follicles began to shrink, hair growth slowed, hair was reduced by more than 90% after 8-12 weeks.
  • SAFE&PAINLESS: This laser hair removal device has FDA safe approved.This latest IPL hair removal technology guarantees you complete safety compared to other methods of permanent hair removal. The hair removal system has adjustable five levels of intensity, the maximum would make you feel like a mosquito bite.
  • SAVE YOUR TIME:It has two modes, manual and auto. Manual flashing mode is for smaller areas and automatic is for larger areas.Auto mode flashes once in 0.5 seconds. You just need slip few time in the same section ,very quick to finish!
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE:You’re taking no risk with your purchase. Our IPL hair removal system is backed by the seller with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 12 month seller warranty. If you are not satisfied with any of our products and services, please feel free to contact us.

Hair Removal For Women & Men,IPL Facial Body 500,000 Flashes Permanent Painless Hair Remover System With 5 Energy Level Adjustment and Manual/Auto Settings

Product Features

  • �【MANUAL/AUTO MODE】 Users can change from manual to auto and vice versa, Long press and hold launch button for 3 seconds when the device is powered on, the display will show ‘AUTO’ and the device is set to AUTO mode. Also do the same procedure when returning to manual mode. Use any mode of your choice to make the most out of the device.
  • 🌹【5 ENERGY LEVEL】 5 levels of energy for users to chose which is best for their skin. Each level of this device release certain amount of energy to the skin for treatment of permanent hair removal in the body, the higher the level the better and effective and faster it get but so will endurance level too.
  • 🌹【500,000 FLASHES】The device has a total of 500,000 flashes that can serve for a very long period of time. The number of flashes remaining always appears on the LCD screen to indicate how many flashes you have used and how many remaining to go. When it indicate “0” it means no flashes anymore therefore needs to be replaced.
  • 🌹【UNISEX】The product is unisex meaning both women and men can use this device. As long as both women and men have the required skin tone and hair color can use this device successfully, which means couple can even use it together as long as they meet requirement.
  • � 【PERMANENT & PAINLESS】During the operation of this device, there will be a release of large energy light directly to the hair follicle site. But it’s painless because every body can adjust the settings to the level that best suit them, it all depends on the sensitivity of your skin. When treatment is completed, users of this product will enjoy a permanent hair free smooth skin that will give them back their natural beautiful skin.

Professional Hair Clippers Set for Men,Facial and Mustache trimmers,Cordless Electric Hair Clippers with Oil,Comb and 7 Calipers,3 Adjustment Stalls/Security Lock/LED Display for Home and Travel

Product Description:

Equipped with ceramic blade, provides safe & quick performance, suitable
for all kinds of hair, great for both adults and children
Blades can be removed and washed by water
Built-in Powerful Motor, high performance and low noise
LED display LED display shows 4 different cutting length
(2.8mm,2.2mm,1.5mm,0.8mm), and indicate real-time battery capacity
Built-in lithium battery, 1.5 hours fast charging and using time up to
1 hour, AC charger with charging stand
Comes with 6 comb attachments for different cutting length: 4-6mm, 7-9mm,
10-12mm, 16-18mm, 22-24mm, 28-30mm


-Battery charging time: 1.5hours
-Running time : 60minutes
-Voltage: 110V-240V 50/60HZ
-Display: LED

Package Include :

1 x Hair Clipper with Display
6 x Combs
1 x Clean Brush
1 x Hair Comb
1 x AC Charger
1 x Charger stand
1 x oil

Product Features

  • 【LED Display】Hair trimmer with LED display to show cutting length (2.8mm, 2.2mm,1.5mm,0.8mm),indicate real-time battery capacity.
  • 【Ceramic Cutter Head】Hair clipper is equipped with ceramic blade,safe & quick performance,blade can be removed and washed,titanium blade of the hair clipper will not get rusty. It keeps sharp and ensures high durability.
  • 【Cordless Rechargeable Clippers】Built-in Lithium-ion battery, battery operated, corded mode hair cutting, 110v-240v ac charger with charging stand,lithium battery can be fully charged by 1.5 hours and used for 60 minutes.
  • 【Fully Equipped】Comes with hair cutting kits 6 combs: 4-6mm, 7-9mm,10-12mm, 16-18mm,22-24mm,28-30mm,high performance and works quiet,great for men, boys and kids
  • 【Safety Lock】Long press the switch for 5 seconds to start the safety lock,next startup needs to press button for 5 seconds to avoid unintentional open. Great for travel,home and barbershop.