Parissa Azulene After Waxing Oil, Aftercare Oil Prevents Ingrown Hairs Soothes Skin Chamomile Extract, 60 ml (2 oz) Easy Spray Bottle

What is it? Parissa Azulene After Waxing Oil is extracted from the plant known as Chamomile. It is used as an after care oil for hair removal waxing as it has antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties. The unique colour blue is from a compound called Azulene, this is mostly found within the essential oil of plants from the Asteraceae family (i.e. Chamomile). This is the same blue oil that is included in the complete Parissa waxing kits.

How do I use it? Apply Parissa Azulene Oil to your skin, after hair removal waxing. It soothes and cleans skin after waxing, while helping to prevent ingrown hair. It delivers effective relief from razor burn, bumps, redness and irritation. The Azulene oil aids in skin repair, keeping it soft and healthy.

Product Features

  • Azulene Oil: Parissa Azulene Oil is designed as after-care, to be used after hair removal waxing. This convenient spray-bottle format makes application mess-free.
  • Soothes Skin & Prevent Ingrown Hairs: Azulene is the active ingredient of chamomile. It has antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties, this helps prevent ingrown hairs. It works to soothe and repair skin, keeping it soft and healthy.
  • From Waxing Experts: Manufactured by experts in waxing. Parissa has over 25 years experience in hair removal waxing products. Check out our complete waxing kits on Amazon.
  • Non-Greasy: Azulene Oil is non-greasy and absorbs easily into skin. Oil is needed to remove the residue of resin based waxes.
  • Multi-Use: Azulene Oil is also gentle enough to be used as a great cuticle moisturizer and makeup remover.

Parissa Wax Strips Super Pack, Hair Removal Waxing Kit for Women Men with Wax Strips for the Legs and Body, 40 Strips Large & Aftercare oil

What are Parissa Wax Strips Super Pack?
These are ready-to-use waxing strips. The cellulose strips that are pre-coated with professional quality resin-based wax. This is a waxing kit, it contains 40 Waxing Strips for hair removal (20 x 2-sided) as well as 8ml Azulene aftercare oil. All natural ingredients. Waxing removes hair from the root discouraging re-growth.

How do I use Parissa Wax Strips?
Perfect for beginners, travel and touch-ups. Waxing strips are simple, warm between your hands, slowly pull the strips apart, press on, and zip away hair. This waxing kit comes with detailed instructions, please read before using as technique makes all the difference. Do not be shy, our contact details are on the packaging, get in touch if you are having any issues. This wax is oil soluble and any residue can be removed with oil only, not water & soap.

More info on Parissa Wax Strips:
Parissa Wax Strips provide fast, effective, mess-free hair removal. You do not have to be an experienced waxer. Parissa Wax Strips come pre-coated with wax. The clear backing makes it easy for you to see exactly where it is going. You can use them anywhere, anytime, which makes them ideal for travel and touch-ups. Included in the kit is an 8ml vial of Azulene aftercare oil. Use this after oil to remove any wax residue and as a moisture to soften and soothe the skin.

Parissa Waxing Tips:
No need to wash your skin before waxing, in fact it is not recommended. This helps provide a layer and lessens the wax sticking to your skin. A little talc or soft powder could be used also. Warm a double sided wax strip by rubbing it between your hands. Slowly separate the strips into 2 strips. Smooth one strip in the direction of hair growth. Firmly adhere the strip to your skin, hold the skin taut and quickly pull off in the opposite direction of hair growth. Remember to stay as close and parallel to the skin as possible. Remove any wax residue with the aftercare oil included in the kit. Each time you wax, you weaken the hair follicle a little, so over time your regrowth becomes softer and sparser.

Product Features

  • Easy to use: Great for beginners. Just 2 simple steps: press on & zip off. Waxing strips provide fast, effective, mess-free hair removal. The wax is already on the wax strips. A ready-to-use waxing strip for body hair removal.
  • Salon-Quality Wax: For safe hair removal from face, underarms & bikini. These wax strips are made from natural ingredients. No need to wash your skin before use, residue easily dissolves with OIL. Resin based formula.
  • For Beginners Travel & Touch-ups: For easy body hair removal, these wax strips are quick and simple to use. Detailed instructions for use come with the waxing kit, be sure to read first for the best results.
  • All Natural Ingredients: No plastic, the backing on the strip is made from eco-friendly cellulose, so it breaks down in the environment. Gentle wax that is green. Parissa for the best waxing kits.
  • Long Lasting Smoothness: Hair removal lasts for weeks longer than shaving. Wax strips are most effective for hair removal of finer hair types. Waxing removes the hair from the root, regrowth becomes sparser over time.

PrivateRx Cooling Pads- Super Moisturizing & Cleansing Shaving & Waxing Aftercare Helps Prevent Ingrown Hair and Razor Burn – All Natural Intimate Skin Care – Hormone & Paraben Free – 50 Soft Pads

PrivateRx Cooling Pads is a specially formulated product that safely cleanses and calms delicate skin after shaving or waxing and helps to relieve irritation and prevent razor bumps. Each cooling pad is a soft-beaded cotton pad that gently exfoliates dry or dead skin cells to help free ingrown hair. Every PrivateRx product contains Dr Blatt’s Femsome Skin Care Complex, a patent-pending, proprietary formulation of specialized ingredients with scientifically and medically authenticated reparative and anti-aging benefits. This unique blend of extracts, botanicals, and distillates combine to help remedy the damaging effects of inner and outer vaginal dryness with intense hydration, protective lamina and cellular nutrients. Result: Firm yet silky feeling skin.

Product Features

  • Specially formulated products that safely cleanse and calm delicate skin after shaving or waxing and help relieve irritation and prevent razor bumps
  • Each Cooling Pad is a soft-beaded cotton pad that gently exfoliates dry or dead skin cells to help free ingrown hair
  • Non-greasy and non-staining. Fragrance free
  • Clinically proven, dermatologist tested and hypoallergenic. NO estrogen, NO hormones, NO parabens
  • Best used prior to the application of a moisturizing treatment such as PrivateRx Soothing Serum (sold separately).

Parissa Chamomile Sugar Wax (Cold Wax), Waxing Kit for Hair Removal, 140ml (5 oz) Wax, Fabric strips, Spatulas & After-care Oil

Sugar waxing is a great natural hair removal treatment that is gentle on skin, yet effective for removing medium-fine hair on legs body or face. Body Sugar is made up of 3 basic ingredients: sugar, lemon & water that have been cooked down into a thick taffy-like paste – making it the best choice for people who have sensitive or allergic skin and require a simple, all-natural product. Chamomile Body Sugar is water-soluble, so any wax residue left on the skin simply rinses away with luke warm water. The same goes for any spills or drips. The fabric strips are re-useable! When you are finished waxing, run the strips under warm water and rub gently until all the wax rinses away, then hang them on your towel rack to dry and be used next time. Here are a few Parissa Professional tips: The thinner you spread the product, the better the results. Pull strip back along itself in one quick movement. Don’t peel or pull off slowly. The faster the strip is removed the better the results. Use a damp cloth for cleaning hands during hair removal.

Product Features

  • Washable Formula cold wax (sugar wax). This hair removal wax washes off with water. Easy post waxing clean-up and residue removal. Washable strips and spatulas.
  • No Heating Required: This cold wax can be used without any warming. For colder climates gentle warming may help to create honey consistency, as a thin layer is required. Read instructions carefully for the best results.
  • Long Lasting Smoothness: Hair removal lasts for weeks longer than shaving. Removes hair from the root, discouraging re-growth over time. Cold wax is effective for body waxing of all hair types – except very course hair.
  • Complete Waxing Kit: This kit contains 140ml of sugar (cold) wax, 20 fabric strips and 3 spatulas & 8ml after-care oil. The fabric strips are washable & re-useable. Everything you need for at-home body waxing.
  • All Natural Ingredients: This sugar based wax is all natural. Cold wax ingredients: Sucrose, Honey, Citrus extracts, Gum arabic and Water.