Hair Removal Hard Wax Beans – AINATU Depilatory Lavender Wax Tea Tree Stick and Pull off Body Hair Removal Wax for Depilatories on All kinds of Skin Types, European Beads for Women Men 100g (Purple)

Ensure the wax is not too hot before applying to skin.
Do not use it on broken or irritated skin.
Do not use it if your skin suffered any adverse reactions to wax in the past. Do not use it within 2 hours after taking a shower, or sunbathing.
If you are on medication that affects skin or you have a skin related disorder, consult your doctor before use.
Keep away from Children.

Product Features

  • Original formula Hot Wax pellets.
  • There are no strips or pre wax oil required
  • Can be used in all areas of the body.
  • Can be dispensed in all interior containers.
  • An excellent grip on strong and tenacious hairs, ideal for bikini and underarms.