Allrise 100g Roll On HOT Depilatory Wax Cartridge Heater Waxing Hair Removal (Honey)

Product Features

  • ✿Roll-On refillable depilatory wax heater waxing hair removal cartridge 100g
  • ✿Function: Removing Unwanted Hairs in Armpit, Arm, Leg and Other Body Parts
  • ✿How to use: Apply the pre wax pre gently to the skin area to be waxed; Apply the roll on cartridge in a short stroke on a piece of no woven strip to cover the roller equally in wax;
  • ✿Apply the roll on wax over the area to be waxed, holding the cartridge in a 45 degree angle to the skin and apply with gentle long strokes; Strip the wax off using the usual depilation method; Apply after wax soother to clean up all residual wax; Can apply some skin care essence;
  • ✿Type:Honey/Apple/Rose/Milk/Chocolate/Orange/Strawberry/Lemon