Avalon Organics Unscented Aloe Moisturizing Cream Shave, 8 oz.

Avalon Organics Unscented Aloe Moisturizing Cream Shave nourishes and hydrates skin for an ultra-smooth, comfortable shave. Made with organic botanicals and essential oils, this plant-based formula provides razor lift and glide while helping to speed up the repair of nicks and irritation. Aloe vera, plant extracts and nutrient-rich beta-glucan work together to replenish and moisturize skin, leaving it feeling soft, smooth and supple. This certified organic shaving cream is made with non-GMO ingredients and no parabens, harsh preservatives, synthetic colors or fragrances, phthalates or sulfates. It is also vegan and not tested on animals. Includes one 8 oz. tube of Avalon Organics Unscented Aloe Moisturizing Cream Shave. Curated from nature’s pure resources, Avalon Organics NSF organic certified skin care, hair care and bath & body products are deep-rooted in a profound respect for the earth. Combining modern science with the botanical world, we constantly strive to perfect each formula, evolve expertise and deliver innovation. Searching out the beautifying benefits hidden within each plant, Avalon Organics thoughtfully develops formulas to not only nourish the body, but also nourish the mind and the soul.

Product Features

  • One 8 oz. tube of Avalon Organics Unscented Aloe Moisturizing Cream Shave
  • Replenishes and moisturizes skin for an ultra-smooth, comfortable shave
  • Certified organic, plant-based formula made with organic botanicals and essential oils
  • No GMOs, parabens, harsh preservatives, synthetic colors or fragrances, phthalates or sulfates
  • Vegan and not tested on animals
  • It is enriched with beta glucan
  • Plant oils and aloe nourish, moisturize and provide glide for a smooth close shave
  • Helps speed the repair of nicks and irritation
  • It is paraben free

Wax Strips Best At Home Waxing Solution- Hair Removal Ready to Use All Skin Types with Aloe Vera 1 Package for Body and 1 Package for Face with 16 Waxing Strips (8 double-sided) Self Waxing


1) Clean the skin with DEPIMIEL Pre-Depilatory Lotion, removing all residue from oils,creams, lotions, moisturizers, and perspiration.

2) Rub the wax strip between your hands for about 30 seconds to warm it. If it is a cold day, warm it for longer until the strips come apart easily and the wax stays uniform on both sides of the strips. ATTENTION: Do not separate the strips before heating them.

3) Slowly peel the strips apart and fold them in half, bonding the area with wax, saving one for future use. (Before use, rub the remaining strip between hands again).

4) Place the strip over the area with the hair to be removed in the direction of the hair growth.

5) With one hand stretch the skin and with another hand pull the strip back on itself in one swift motion in the opposite direction of the hair growth, keep the strip as close to the skin as possible. (Pull the strip as parallel to the skin as possible). In case of left wax residues, remove it with the own wax strip, pressing it gently to the desired area. You can re-use each strip several times, until it loses its stickiness.

PRECAUTIONS: Follow the directions before use. Before use make sure your skin is clean, dry, free of residues of sweat or any creams, oils or deodorants. Before every use, test your skin’s reaction by applying and removing the product to a small part of the area you wish to treat, following the directions of use.

If after 24 hours there is no adverse reaction, continue to use. Do not let the product in contact with the skin more than 15 seconds because it can lose its stickiness. Never pull the strip UP as it can cause serious bruising. Always leave 15 days between hair removal sessions

Body Wax Strips are designed for use on legs, arms, underarms and bikini line, but not suitable for use on head, face, breast, perianal or genital areas or any other body parts.

Product Features

  • Each package includes 16 strips (8 pairs) made with aloe vera, jojoba oil and vitamin E for a smoother and younger looking skin.
  • Also included is a moisturizing oil remover towelette to safely remove any wax residue that may have been left behind.

Aloe Vera Gel – 99% Organic – NO XANTHAN – Absorbs Rapidly with No Sticky Residue – made from REAL JUICE, NOT POWDER (1 Gallon)

Soothe Your Skin Problems With The Natural Power Of Aloe Vera

Everyone knows that Aloe Vera gel relieves the pain of sunburn. But that’s not all. This high quality gel almost immediately soothes all kinds of problems, including bug bites, rashes, shaving burn, cuts and wounds. Your skin problems will heal faster and disappear quicker.

Made From All-Natural Ingredients For Soft And Silky Skin With No Residue

Other Aloe Vera gels contain Xanthan or Carbomer, which leaves a sticky white residue on your skin. Instead, we use 100% Natural Seaweed Extract. This helps the Aloe Vera soak into your skin quickly, so you’ll never feel uncomfortable and sticky. You can even layer makeup on top.

Add To Lotions And Shampoo For Healthy Skin And Hair

You can use this Aloe Vera gel straight on your skin, or you can mix it into your regular lotions for extra healing power. You can even use it to super-charge your shampoo, making your hair strong, soft and silky.

99% Organic And Safe For Sensitive Skin

Because it’s made from natural ingredients, this Aloe Vera gel won’t irritate sensitive skin. In fact, studies have shown that it helps to heal cuts and damaged areas.

100% Money Back If You Don’t See Results

If your skin problems don’t heal faster and disappear quicker, then we’ll give you your money back. We’re so confident in the power of this product that we’re happy to take on all the risk. That means you can try it without risking a penny of your own.

Soothe Your Itchy, Sore Or Irritated Skin With No Residue. Try Seven Minerals Aloe Vera Gel Today.

Product Features

  • ✅ #1 HIGHEST QUALITY – our product is made from cold pressed USA-grown Organic Aloe Vera + 0.25% of Food Grade ingredients for 2 years of freshness without refrigeration.
  • ✅ HARVESTED FOR US – Our formula is one of the purest and strongest on the market – made from REAL JUICE, not powder. For that reason please test on less sensitive areas first to make sure no reactions occur (BEFORE YOU APPLY TO YOUR FACE).
  • ✅ THE DIFFERENCE in skin treated with Seven Minerals Aloe Gel is striking. Thanks to 100% natural thickener Seaweed Extract (instead of Xanthan or Carbomer), it absorbs rapidly with no sticky residue – leaving your skin smooth and silky.
  • ✅ DISCOVER NATURE’S MIRACLE PLANT – Soothe your sunburn, treat your cuts, clear up your rashes, take the sting out of bug bites, heal scalp itchiness and dandruff, remove cellulite, calm your shaving burn and more!
  • ✅ REPAIR & SOOTHE YOUR SKIN DAILY – Our Pure Aloe Vera Gel is a clear, slightly thinner gel – an excellent daily treatment for face, skin & hair. Regular use soothes the skin leaving it soft and supple with a healthy glow

Champion Shave Men’s Shaving Razor Set Endorsed by Wayne Gretzky – 3 Blade Shaving System with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E Lubrication Strip – 1 Handle with 4 Blade Refills

We offer More Blades, More Refill Cartridges, More Shave Satisfaction!

Champion Shave offers high quality, affordable 3 Blade shaving system a lower price than our competitors!

Men will have the perfect clean shave every time with a razor head able to reach those hard-to-shave areas of the face, all while applying an Aloe Vera, Vitamin E lubricant for retaining moisture, preventing skin irritation and unwanted cuts.

Used and endorsed by hockey legend Wayne Gretzky.

Each razor blade uses titanium coated stainless steel blades for rust free, corrosion resistance and a long lasting edge providing you a smooth, comfortable prune.

An essential addition every man should add to their facial hair grooming supply kit.

Champion Shave will make you Feel Like a Champion!

Product Features

  • NO NICKS, NO CUTS – Tired of getting cuts and scars from shaving? Champion Shave Razor is the perfect replacement to your traditional single bladed razors! It features a 3-blade shaving system for a quick and easy shave with less, fewer strokes providing you lesser chances of getting cuts and skin irritation during and after shaving. Great for cleaning up that 5 o’clock shadow for afternoon formal meetings and after work party!
  • CUSTOM HANDLE – Designed with a custom, sporty handle. Molded from strong, sturdy materials for a comfortable and lightweight grip, less slip ups and accidents during those close, curve-hugging shaves. Easy to store after use with its 9.5 inch frame. A superb gift to any active, athletic male who needs new manual shavers.
  • SMOOTH AS BUTTER – Has a pivoting head able to get to those hard-to-reach areas of your face and an Aloe Vera and Vitamin E Lubrication strip for a smooth and moisturizing shave. You’ll barely feel the blades as they glide along your sensitive skin, while cutting your beard with a precision slash.
  • THESE BLADES STAY SHARP! Save money from having to buy new cartridges every time your blades get dull. Each Champion Shave refill contains Titanium Coated, corrosion resistant Stainless Steel Blades imported from Sweeden for a long lasting edge even with everyday use. Looking clean and slick has never been more affordable!
  • EASY MAINTENANCE – With an easy to rinse and ergonomic design, cleaning stuck hair inside the shaver will be a breeze. Simply wash with running water. Keep it handy and bring it along during travel to keep your face looking fresh and tidy anywhere you go. An excellent addition to men’s personal grooming accessories and supplies.

Veet In Shower Hair Removal Cream Sensitive Skin with Aloe Vera & Vitamin E (150ml)

Veet showerhead is suitable for sensitive skin. Formulated with aloe vera and vitamin E. It takes 10 minutes. Includes application sponge. Avoid contact with mucous membranes.

Product Features

  • Easily removes short hair.
  • Reduces hair progressively.
  • Includes application sponge.

Alba Botanica Moisturizing Foam Shave Aloe Mint – 5 Fl Oz

Alba Botanica Moisturizing Foam Shave Aloe Mint Directions Rinse skin thoroughly with warm water, leaving skin wet. Apply Moisturizing Foam Shave into palm. Gently rub lather over skin. Shave and rinse.*NOTE: Performs best when used sparingly. Ingredients: Purified water, sodium lauryl sulfoacetate(G), disodium laureth sulfosuccinate(G), sodium cocoamphoacetate(G), dimethicone copolyol(G), menthol(S), polyquaternium-10(G), polysorbate 20(G), cocamidopropyl betaine(G), certified organic aloe barbadensis(S, 1), calendula officinalis(S, 1) and camellia sinensis (green tea)(S, 2) extracts, mentha piperita (peppermint) oil(S), tocopherol (vitamin E)(S), citric acid, phenoxyethanol, benzyl alcohol(S), potassium sorbate, and botanical fragrance. G) Glide for Close Shave S) Soothes Sensitive Skin 1) Certified by Quality Assurance International 2) Certified by Oregon Tilth

Product Features

  • 0822338

Baisidai Roll-On Refillable Depilatory Heater Wax Waxing Hair Removal Skin Care Aloe


This special depilatory wax is a must for hair remove.
Remove the troublesome body hair is a very tough job to everybody.
Now don’t worry about that.
This item will be very helpful for you. Very convenient and practical.
How to use :
Apply the pre wax pre gently to the skin area to be waxed
Apply the roll on cartridge in a short stroke on a piece of no woven strip to cover the roller equally in wax
Apply the roll on wax over the area to be waxed, holding the cartridge in a 45 degree angle to the skin and apply with gentle long strokes
Strip the wax off using the usual depilation method
Apply after wax soother to clean up all residual wax


Size: 140x56x27(mm)
Wax volume: 100g / net wt 3.53 oz
Developed for all types of skin
For hair removal on all body parts
Taste: Banana, Rose, Green Apple, Azulene, Lemon, Strawberry, Green Tea, Chocolate, Lavender, Aloe Vera, Honey, Creme, Tea Tree, Kiwi, Orange,Olive… (choose one)

Package Including:

1 PCS Hair removal wax

Product Features

  • Taste:Aloe
  • Size: 140x56x27(mm)
  • Developed for all types of skin
  • For hair removal on all body parts
  • Pls refer to the description for the detail usage methods

Hard Body Hair Removal Wax Beans – Crazysound Depilatory Wax for Men and Women Include 10 Waxing Spatulas. (300g Aloe Wax Beans)

Small one:
Dimention: 7.5*4.7*0.4 inch /Bag
Weight: 0.22 lb
Package: Hair Removal Wax Beans 100g/Bag*5
10 Waxing Spatulas.

Big one:
Dimention: 9.5*6.1*0.6inch /Bag
Weight: 0.66 lb
Package: Hair Removal Wax Beans 300g/Bag*1
10 Waxing Spatulas

Product Features

  • • EASY TO REMOVE: Can tear off the wax from your skin directly by hand after the Brazilian hard wax is cold and becomes hard, and it can remove above 90% of the hairs you want to remove at one time, then you can use a tweezer to remove the rest hairs or apply the wax a second time,that will be very easy.
  • • NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Chamomile, Lavender and Milk flavors for you to choose. Natural wax ingredients, skin friendly.
  • • Professional and Effective: Auperwel Hard Wax Beans is ideal for hair removal for legs, armpit, bikini edge area, chest, back, face, and no strips required.
  • • EASY TO APPLY: Heat the hard body wax to a working temperature by wax heater. Then using a spatula to stir the wax. Wait for 5 minutes to cool the wax beads and then spread a layer of film wax onto the area to be treated in the direction of the hair growth.
  • • Note: To have a better hair removal, please keep the melted wax temperature about 42◦C/107◦F. If the temperature of melted wax is lower than 42◦C/107◦F, it can NOT remove hair. However, Be careful, do NOT be too hot to your skin! If you have any problem about wax, please contact with us for User Guide!

Hard Wax Beans, Karlash Hair Removal Hard Body European Waxing Beans, Brazilian Pearl Hard Wax Beads for Women Men Home Waxing for Bikini Arms, Legs, Armpit 400g (Aloe)

Made of mild ingredient, which will remove your unwanted hairs comfortably while nourish, smooth and tighten your skin. It can be used for hair removal in armpit, arm, leg and other body parts. Such a good product, just bring it home! Features: Adopting natural and pure ingredients to ensure it is harmless and without stimulation to your skin while hair removal. Add the soothing ingredients of natural care on the basis of pure physical hair removal and different skin types, which can reduce skin irritation and strengthen hair removal effect. Special produced based on human body hair structure, like hair length and hardness, which will be better for removing the hair or delay its growth. Excellent grip on strong & stubborn hairs, can be used on all areas of the body, like face, arm, legs, underarm, etc. No depilatory paper are required, heating the wax bean and using the spatula apply the wax on skin directly, very convenient to use.

Product Features

  • Adopting natural and pure ingredients to ensure it is harmless and without stimulation to your skin while hair removal.
  • Add the soothing ingredients of natural care on the basis of pure physical hair removal and different skin types, which can reduce skin irritation and strengthen hair removal effect.
  • Special produced based on human body hair structure, like hair length and hardness, which will be better for removing the hair or delay its growth.
  • Excellent grip on strong & stubborn hairs, can be used on all areas of the body, like face, arm, legs, underarm, etc.
  • No depilatory paper are required, heating the wax bean and using the spatula apply the wax on skin directly, very convenient to use.

Bugs At Bay Shea Butter Cream by MoonDance Soaps – Handmade Moisturizers with Shea Butter and Aloe Vera

NOTHING BUT NATURAL by MoonDance Soaps and More

All-natural bug repellent contains ONLY plant extracts and essential oils that are highly effective anti bug repellents. Hand-crafted and specially formulated with just the right combination of essential oils and premium moisturizing and healing ingredients for adults and kids of every age and skin type.

The cream repels pesky bugs in the spring, summer, and fall seasons – all the months you enjoy outdoor events with your friends and family doing your favorite things like camping, hiking, fishing, mowing, gardening, walking the dog, riding horses, and traveling. Especially important to use around the Fourth of July, Father’s Day, during tick season, and the hot summer months when mosquitos, chiggers, and no-see-ums are at their peak.

Smells fresh and clean and is completely non-toxic and chemical-free so you can use it every day, over and over. Wash with the soap, then apply cream or lotion when attending sporting events and concerts, mowing the lawn, enjoying your yard, having parties, weddings, and other social events. For men, women, pets, and kids of all ages. All-natural ingredients are safe for pregnant women and even babies. Non-toxic and eco-friendly. Won’t harm the environment. CRUELTY FREE AND VEGAN.

Directions: Wash from head to toe with the Bugs at Bay soap while bathing. Apply the cream and lotion just like your favorite moisturizer. It’s highest effectiveness is up to 2-3 hours after application. Reapply if you notice a drop in effectiveness. Although the jojoba oil and shea butters gives the repellent longer-lasting and slightly water-resistent properties, you’ll need to reapply if you get wet or are sweating profusely.

Product Features

  • REPELS BUGS, NOT YOUR FAMILY: Highly effective plant-based essential oils contain no toxic chemicals that leave a sticky, oily substance on your skin. Our cream feels clean and smooth and protects adults and kids from biting bugs.
  • YES, IT WORKS: Wash from head to toe with the soap and smoothe on the lotion or cream, and head outside worry-free! Best used directly on the skin for full effectiveness, but stashing the soap with clothing, sleeping bags, backpacks, and tent to let its scent permeate your gear also helps repel insects.
  • SMELLS CLEAN AND FRESH: Lemon eucalyptus, lavender, lemongrass, citronella, cedarwood, and rosemary essential oils naturally repels mosquitos, chiggers, and fleas, while moisturizing shea and cocoa butters, vitamin e, and coconut and jojoba oils keep your skin smooth and silky.
  • MADE IN THE USA AND 100% NATURAL: NO parabens, sulfates, phthalates, artificial fragrances, dyes, permethrin, or DEET. Biodegradable ingredients replace toxic laden deet to keep you and your family safe and healthy. Convenient size for traveling.
  • ENJOY SPECIAL MOMENTS: Focus your attention on the people around you instead of dodging pests. Leave soap shavings around the campsite to keep bugs at bay. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE.

Hard Wax Beans Anjou Painless Hair Removal Body Waxing Beans for Wax Warmer Kit, Ideal for Women & Men, Wax Hair on Arms, Armpits, Legs, Bikini Line ((Aloe, Milk, and Lavender Flavor) – 10.5 oz / 300

Anjou – Be Healthy, Be Pure, and Be Beautiful
Take care of your beauty – from the inside and out. Dive into fizzy bubble baths, relax with aromatherapy, and pamper your skin with luxurious masks, all 100% natural and cruelty-free. Anjou is here to spoil you with beauty products from head to toe, including your soul.

1. When applying the wax, leave the edges slightly ticker for an easy removal.
2. Before the wax is pulled off, tap it a couple of times to check it has set and is ready to be removed.
3. Once you have finished, apply post wax treatment wipes (toner) to smooth the skin and remove any residue.

1. Always test a small amount of wax on the inside of the wrist before use.
2. Do not use over varicose veins, sun burnt or any other broken skin.
3. Store in room temperature below 30 °C / 86 °F.

What’s In The Box:
1 x Aloe Wax Beans (3.5 oz / 100 g)
1 x Milk Wax Beans (3.5 oz / 100 g)
1 x Lavender Wax Beans (3.5 oz / 100 g)

Product Features

  • Smooth Skin In A Minute: Leaves no hair or root, just soft hair-free skin; works best on thicker hair
  • Everyone Can Go Hair-Free: Suitable for women and men looking to remove hair on arms, legs, bikini line, or wherever unwanted hair grows
  • Three Kinds of Wax Beans: 3.5 oz / 100 g of aloe, milk, or lavender flavored beans to wax legs up to three times, arms up to six times, or armpits up to twelve times
  • Irritation-Free Hair Removal: Unlike other methods, wax beans are safe for the skin and easy to clean, while also minimizing blocked pores and reducing irritation
  • Easy Application, Easy Removal: Heat and spread wax onto the area to be treated, let it cool, then quickly remove

Roll-on Wax Cartridge, Pinkzio Wax Kit For Hair Removal. All purpose Hard Wax for Eyebrow Lip Arm Armpit Leg And Bikini Hair Removal. Depilatory Wax Refill For Hair Removal 100g (Aloe Vera x2pks)

Pinkzio wax cartridge just got easier to use. Pinkzio warm wax melts at a lower temperature allowing for a more comfortable application, particularly on sensitive skin. The thinner application aids in the removal of all unwanted hair. In addition, pinkzio wax leaves skin silky smooth with no wax residue. Good for all skin type.

Product Features

  • ✔ VALUE SET-2 PCS Aloe Vera x pc. 100g /each
  • ✔ ROLL ON WARM WAX-Pinkzio Facial Wax for hair removal is applied on the treatment area after being pre-heated. It remains thin consistency but sticky and removes with waxing strips.
  • ✔SMALL CARTRIDGE HEAD- The small roll-on cartridge head design is perfect for precision area, such as eyebrows and lips.
  • ✔ EASY APPLICATION: All you need is a wax heater, paper strip and Pinkzio wax, pre-heat your wax and apply it with strip, then peel off the strip. It’s that simple. It makes the process clean and more effective.
  • ✔ QUALTY ASSURANCE- Pinkzio Cosmetics protect you and your clients by providing products of only the highest premium quality, which complies with the standards ISO 9001 ISO 13485 ISO14970 and ISO 22716