Pure Ziva Men’s Conditioning & Moisturizing Shaving Cream Lotion, Wintergreen Mint Scent, Paraben & Sulfate Free, 3 Fluid Ounces, No Animal Testing & Cruelty Free

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Product Features

  • Lightweight shave lotion contains phospholipids & white tea
  • Prevents razor burn and irritation
  • Very light mint scent
  • PROMOTION: Use claim code ZIVACODE at checkout; receive 10% off 2 items; 15% off 3 items; and 20% off 4 items, 25% off 5 or more items in our catalog
  • Made in the USA

Saxon Real Badger Hair Shaving Brush with Black Handle­ Made with 100% Real Animal Hair For the Best Shave and Smooth Application of Shaving Cream ­Just Like an Old School Barbershop Shave

Make your grandma proud to kiss your cheek!

Some people say chivalry died years ago. Well, you might be right. The day men stop taking pride in their  shave is the day they stop respecting others.

Scientifically speaking, this shaving brush could do a lot of good for humanity by changing the grooming habits of every man who uses it. In turn, this will make him a happier, more confident man, and that will inspire those around him.

Why should you buy this shaving brush?

**Chicks will find your face less ugly to look at, and that is always a good thing
**Your self worth will increase just by looking proudly at yourself in the mirror after each shave
**You will be asked to appear in more selfies because you will be more attractive
**Your style will be timeless because a gentleman never goes out of style

The House of Saxon 100% Badger Hair Brush for Shaving is an exquisite way to compliment your abode. Imagine how easy it will be to close the deal when she sees how dapper and sophisticated your shaving habits are. That’s right, you can stand out from the crowd. Be the man you were born to be.

This brush is not for the timid. It will lull you to sleep with its sensuality but slap you back to reality by letting the world know who you are.

It is built to last and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Change your shave. Change your life.

Product Features

  • A TRUE GENTLEMAN’S SHAVE ­ Create a creamy lather of shaving foam that your grandfather would be proud of!
  • BETTER LATHER, CLOSER SHAVE ­ This brush offers a classic soft foam application to raise your scruff up for a proper shave when applied in a circular fashion
  • NOT APPROVED BY PETA ­ The bristles are made from authentic badger hair ­ not nylon or other cheaper, synthetic and less effective materials. Sorry badgers, we had to give a few haircuts in your clan to make these
  • ENJOY SHAVING EVERY TIME ­ Most men hate shaving, but love the feeling of a barbershop shave…not because they are letting someone else do it, but because it seems classier ­­ News flash…it IS classier
  • SHEDS A BIT LIKE A REAL BADGER ­ There is a slight scent that reminds you that you are a man, and some of the bristles will fall out because it is real hair, but don’t worry, Sally, this product is backed by a 100% guarantee!

Dead Sea Mud Soap Bar 100% Natural & Organic. With Activated Charcoal. Loaded with Organic Skin Loving Oils. With Lemongrass, Eucalyptus & Peppermint Essential Oils. Can Be Used as a Face Soap or All Over Body Soap. For Men, Women & Teens. Chemical Free and Preservative Free. Each Bar is Handmade by Our Artisan Soap Maker. (113 gr.) 4oz. Bar. No Animal Testing – Cruelty Free – Vegan Soap. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

This is a wonderful addition to your organic skincare routine. Our soap is made for all skin types and is gentle enough for sensitive skin. They are very versatile and can be used as a face soap, body soap, hand soap or shaving soap for men and women. Lightly scented with lemongrass, peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils. Soap color is dark grey and almost black due to the high amount of Dead Sea mud and charcoal.

For centuries people have traveled from all over the world to the Dead Sea to slather themselves in its nutrient-rich mud. The concentration of over 21 different minerals offers the ultimate natural skin care.

– Dead Sea mud draws out impurities, toxins and dirt particles, leaving your skin fresh and clean

– Fine grains act as an exfoliate, removing dead skin cells for a rejuvenating glow

– Tightens the pores for an anti-aging effect

– Moisturizes and hydrates the skin, helping to reduce wrinkles

– Improves blood circulation and initiates natural skin regeneration

– Effective relief for skin disorders including acne, eczema and psoriasis

Our soaps provide great benefits for your skin, while most commercial soaps contain skin irritants and other chemicals.

Why do most commercial soaps contain harmful chemicals? Most commercial soaps have the naturally occurring glycerin removed because it is highly profitable to sell or to use in other products. Therefore other chemical products are needed to create lather and preserve the soap, which ends up harming your skin. Below are some common chemicals found in soaps today:

Sodium Lauryl & Laureth Sulfate – Linked to Cancer, skin irritation, Liver Toxin

Parabens – Linked to Cancer, Skin Irritant

Methylisothiazolinone – Allergen, Neurotoxin

Tetrasodium EDTA – Penetration Enhancer, Made from known Carcinogens

Propylene Glycol – Skin Irritant, Endocrine Disruptor, Neurotoxin

Product Features

  • 100% pure dead sea mineral mud from Israel.
  • Made with certified organic unrefined shea butter, certified organic extra virgin olive oil and certified organic sunflower oil
  • All skin types and gentle enough for sensitive skin, use as a face soap, body soap or shaving soap
  • Naturally scented with therapeutic grade essential oils of lemongrass, peppermint and eucalyptus
  • Can be used to help with acne, eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis