AlmaClear Raw Organic African Black Face & Body Soap –Gentle & Healthy Sensitive Skin Anti-Inflammatory Cleanser, 100% Natural Ingredients, Combats & Soothes Acne, Eczema & Blemishes – For Men & Women

Discover Africa’s Ancient, Healthy & Best-Kept Skin Beauty Secret!

Looking for a natural, organic and healthy way to cleanse and hydrate your sensitive skin?

Do you need a potent, safe and effective way to reduce the symptoms of acne, eczema and dry skin?

Introducing The Premium Natural 100% Organic African Black Soap By AlmaClear Raw!

Each bar of our elite, hydrating and skin-cleansing black soap is handmade following the traditional African craftsmanship to ensure its superior-quality.

Unlike common skin care products, African black face and body soap is 100% organic and contains natural, healthy and nourishing ingredients such as Palm Kernel Oil, Cocoa Pod and Plantain Oil.

Regain Your Lost Confidence Today With Nature’s Most Beneficial Ingredients!

The AlmaClear Raw exclusive raw African black soap is going to help:

• Deeply cleanse your sensitive skin, without stripping it of its natural and healthy oils

• Remove dirt, grime, dead cells and germs while hydrating your epidermis

• Soothe eczema and acne (especially back acne) by unclogging pores and eliminating skin infections

• Reduce blemishes, dark spots and even out skin discolorations

• Heal and repair damaged sensitive skin

• Alleviate razor bumps, rashes and redness

A Natural Cleanser & Moisturizer For The Whole Family!

Perfect for both men and women and all skin types, the AlmaClear Raw African black face and body soap is enriched with nutrients such as minerals and vitamins, which have anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-microbial powers!

Lather up with our 100% organic black soap and enjoy its gentle yet effective exfoliating properties and deep cleansing and hydration.

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Product Features

  • DISCOVER THE SKIN-CLEANSING POWERS OF AFRICAN BLACK SOAP! – Used as a potent skin cleanser and protector for centuries in central Africa, Black Soap is one of the oldest and most effective skin health-boosting treatments worldwide. Now you can finally enjoy its soothing and therapeutic benefits every day thanks to the AlmaClear Raw raw organic African Black Soap!
  • BOOST YOUR SKIN’S NATURAL BEAUTY! – The AlmaClear Raw genuine African Black Soap bar is made of 100% organic, natural and nutrient-rich ingredients such as Palm Kernel Oil, Cocoa Pod & Plantain, which help combat acne, eczema and speed up skin cell regeneration, due to their high content of essential vitamins and minerals!
  • WILL SOOTHE ANY TYPE OF SKIN! – Looking for a healthy and preservative-free soap to cleanse your dry skin without stripping it of its natural oils? The AlmaClear Raw raw African Black Soap is here to rejuvenate your skin and help reduce blemishes, face and body acne, eczema and skin irritation with its anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties!
  • DEEP CLEANSING & HYDRATION FOR MEN & WOMEN! – Now you can heal and repair your damaged sensitive skin, unclog blocked pores, even out dark spots and boost healthy circulation with the AlmaClear Raw 100% organic, hypoallergenic African Black Soap. Plus, you can use it after shaving to soothe razor bumps and reduce redness.
  • STRAIGHT FROM AFRICA TO YOUR BATHROOM! – Following the proud tradition of African craftsmen, each bar of AlmaClear Raw African Black Soap is handcrafted in order to offer you the authentic, raw and original cleansing experience! Try our skin-rejuvenating Black Soap for 30 days and if you are not 100% thrilled with its soothing results, we promise to buy it back from you at full price!

ArtNaturals Mens Shaving Cream 8 oz – Natural, Hydrating & Soothing – Great for Sensitive Skin – Formula is Antimicrobial, Anti-inflammatory, Antifungal and Exfoliating.

Want to make shaving less of a chore and more of a revitalizing wake-up for your face? Art Naturals’ Men’s Shaving Cream is the perfect blend of botanical extracts and natural oils, giving your skin the moisture it craves, while healing and helping to prevent ingrown hairs as you shave. It’s a multitasking natural oils-and-extracts powerhouse that’s antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antifungal and exfoliating.

Kelp extract, an antiseptic and anti-irritant, helps heal skin damaged by too much sun as it helps hydrate and nourish skin. Shea butter soothes, heals and treats blemishes, wrinkles and eczema, while protecting the skin from environmental stressors.

And let’s face it: You need your shaving cream to soften and moisturize facial stubble, making your shave an easy and non-scraping one. Art Naturals’ Men’s Shaving Cream has got you covered there, too. Willow bark extract, Vitamin E, and extracts of coconut help get rid of razor drag. The Shaving Cream’s creamy lather lifts bristles away from facial skin, making it simpler and safer for your razor to do its job. Your shaved face feels cared for and conditioned, not red and raw.

Shaving creams, amazingly enough, did not become really popular until World War I. In 1941, canned shaving creams entered the market, and in the following decades, true shaving creams became harder to find, especially in the U.S. But they’re back, and for good reason: Shaving creams are the best and most effective product for a wet shave, generating a rich lather without taking a lot of time, as they protect and lubricate the skin.

Art Naturals’ Men’s Shaving Cream will become your morning grooming’s best friend.

Product Features

  • Art Naturals’ Men’s Shaving Cream blends botanical oils and extracts to moisturize, protect and heal as you shave.
  • Rich, creamy lather lifts bristles away from face, preventing razor burn and nicks.
  • Formula is antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antifungal and exfoliating.
  • Key ingredients kelp extract and shea butter help prevent ingrown hairs as they sooth and hydrate.
  • All ingredients meet Art Naturals’ 100 percent natural standards. Paraben free and cruelty free!