Nose Wax for Men & Women,Nose Hair Removal Wax Kit with Safe Tip Applicator,Safe, Quick and Painless(50g/10 Times Usage Paper Cup)

Nose Hair Removal Application:

1. Use a paper towel to clean the inside of the nose;

2. Dip the area above the wax applicator collar into the wax, do not immerse it deeper than the bottom of the collar;

3. Test the temperature of the heated wax in the wrist to avoid burning the skin;

4. Carefully remove the applicator to avoid wax dripping;

5. Hold the upper lip tightly, then insert the applicator into the nose, do not let the collar enter the nose;

6. Once the applicator is inserted into the nose, do not move it to avoid injury to the nostrils;

7. After two minutes, quickly and forcefully pull out the applicator and gently massage the nose with your hand;

Why do you need to choose VivianAI Nose Wax Kit:

1. A safe disposable applicator that will not cause any harm to your nose;

2. The characteristic Aloe formula of wax beans, natural and non-irritating;

3. Simple and easy to operate, it only takes a few seconds to remove the nose hair;

4. The waxing kit is used for up to one year, saving you time;

5.100% customer service, what you need, just contact us by email, we must solve it for you;

6. Transparent wax pot, men and women can use, very beautiful;

7. If you heat the wax there is still left, you don’t need to remove it, you can leave it to use it again next time;

8. If you are using the nose wax kit for the first time, don’t worry, you can read the instructions carefully and follow the steps carefully.


1. If you have a beard, use a mustache template to prevent the wax from sticking to the beard;

2. Please confirm the temperature of the wax to avoid burning the skin of the nostrils;

Product Features

  • 👍[41 PCS Nose Wax Kit Included] -1*Nose Wax Pot (With Wax);8*Moustache Stencils;20*Applicators;10*Smear container.

  • 👍[Natural Nose Hair Wax] -Home use, natural formulated Aloe scent wax,100% FDA Approved Body-Safe.Highly purified wax and 100% non-toxic to your health. Your safety is our priority.

  • 👍[Easy & Quick Nose Hair Remover] -dip,push,pull,3 step easy to removal your hair around the edge of the nostril.

  • 👍[Universality] -Applicable for man&women,nose hair removal kit for men and women is the best pain-free natural hair extraction kit. It is safe and painless, a way of saying goodbye to your nasal bush.

  • 👍[100% Money-Back Guarantee] – 30 days full refund or send a replacement guarantee and whit in 7*24 hours quick response if you have any concerns.

Nose Wax for Men & Women,Nose Hair Removal Wax Kit with Safe Tip Applicator,Safe, Quick and Painless(100g/10 Times Usage Paper Cup)

There is no doubt that the Exposed Nose Hair will Influence Appearance.

And yeah, we agree it sucks!

Wondering how to Saying Goodbye To nose hair?

You are not alone,Wokaar Nose Waxing Kit help you get rid of nose hair easily.

①First→WARM up the nose wax by micrwave.

②Then→Simply DIP the applicator in warm wax

③End→PUSH INTO into the nostril, and PULL OUT within two minutes.

4 STEP,leave you with a CLEN,FRESH nose.

The procedure is NOT PAINFUL as most people might think.

You can easily remove nose hair AT HOME.

Hair Removal Kit uses NATURE ingredient wax beads, the ideal formula for removing nose hairs and leaving the nose feeling soft and clean.

Specially Nose Wax Applicator fits just inside the nose to remove only the long, visible hairs.

It is safe for use by Men and Women.

Both men and women should always pay attention to these small details of themselves.

Wokaar help you show the most confident side anytime, anywhere.

Product Features

  • SIMPLY&SAFTY:You can easily remove nose hair at home by a microwave oven heating Wokaar Nose Wax, leave you with a clean,fresh nose.Let you show the most confident side anytime, anywhere.
  • LAST UP TO 4 WEEKS:Nose Waxing is preferred,unlike shaving,the hair stays away much longer. Nose waxing kit removes hair from the follicle, Pulls nose hairs from the root, leaving results that can last up to 4 weeks.nose hair growth is slowed down with regular use.
  • NOSE CARE:Nature ingredient for sensitive skin, Wokaar nose wax beans minimizes discomfort and protect you away from any subsequent irritation,you can enjoy safe and painless hair removal using our nose waxing kit. It is safe for use by men and women.
  • A THOUGHTGUL GIFT:There is no doubt that the exposed nose hair will influence appearance. So, High quality and exquisite packaging make this Nose Hair Waxing Kit be your first choice for gifts to family,friends.
  • EVERYTHING IS HERE:Nose Wax comes with wax applicator and messuring cup,paper cup,you just need start.Re-send or Refund if you’re not satified with our Nose wax within 60 days.