Organic Men’s Face & Body Wash – Premium Moisturizing Cleanser For Dry, Sensitive Skin, Oily Acne Prone Skin With Jojoba, Avocado, Rosehip & More Fight Acne, Wrinkles & Premature Aging (8.4oz/248.4mL)

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Finally, a USDA Organic Face & Body Wash For Men That’s Actually Healthy For You And Your Skin!

More and more men are starting to see the need to take better care of their skin. It’s not just for vanity purposes either. Some common skin care ingredients are found to cause premature aging, eczema and even cancer.

That’s why we formulated this premium USDA organic formula to not just wash your skin, but to nourish, hydrate, soothe and protect your skin.

Ingredients Your Skin Will Love:

We’ve combined a robust organic formula including: Chamomile, coconut oil, sunflower oil, shea butter, jojoba oil, avocado oil, rosehip seed oil and rosemary extract.

Our ingredients are shown to:

– Make skin more soft and supple.
– Fight premature aging, fine lines and wrinkles.
– Cleanse and minimize pores.
– Fight acne, blemishes and ingrown hairs.
– Reduce redness and inflammation.
– Deeply hydrate while nourishing each skin cell.

Get Smoother, Stronger, Healthier Skin or Your Money Back!

As a family owned company, results are everything to us. We take customer service and satisfaction quite seriously. That’s why we have a “Love Your Skin or Your Money Back” 60-day money back guarantee. Buy now with confidence and see what nature can do for you.

Product Features

  • Finally, A Face & Body Wash For Men That’s Actually Good For Your Skin. No more chemicals, sulfates or drying toxins that strip your skin. Get smoother, stronger, healthier skin or your money back!
  • A USDA Organic Face Wash For Sensitive Skin. Our natural facial cleanser includes organic ingredients to nourish, hydrate, balance and protect your skin with each wash. Best face wash for men to revitalize dull skin for a healthier complexion.
  • Extra Robust Formula. This hydrating cleansing cream includes extra soothing ingredients to reduce inflammation, fight acne and ingrown hairs- Anti aging ingredients help with wrinkles, fine lines and premature aging. The perfect organic body wash for men and women alike.
  • As Safe As It Is Effective. Hydrating mens face wash to cleanse pores, remove buildup and prep your skin for the perfect shave. Proudly made in the USA that is sulfate free, paraben free, SLS free, non-toxic, cruelty free daily face wash for men.
  • Buy With Confidence – We know how hard it is to find a good mens body wash, which is why we offer a 60 day “Love Your Skin Or Your Money Back” guarantee. As a family owned company, we take customer satisfaction quite seriously.

Bohemian Brothers Grooming – Barbershop Bay Rum and Sandalwood Pre-Shave Oil for Men (2 OZ). Ultra Smooth Shaving Experience. Prevent Nicks and Irritation. With Natural Vitamin E and Avocado Oil.

This Vintage Barbershop Pre-Shave Oil is the perfect way to start your daily shave. It softens and lifts the stubble, while forming a protective layer on the skin to increase razor glide for the closest, smoothest shave possible. This skin nourishing shave oil is formulated with a unique blend of All Natural Carrier Oils, Vitamin E, Fine Fragrance, and can handle even the coarsest facial hair. For the ULTIMATE RESERVE SHAVING EXPERIENCE, be sure to finish with BOHEMIAN RESERVE POST SHAVE BALM!

Product Features

  • DEVELOPED SPECIFICALLY FOR WET SHAVING. Proprietary Avocado based formula creates a protective layer on the skin, Maximizing Razor Glide to help prevent razor burn, bumps, and irritation.
  • SOFTENS COARSE STUBBLE and stands the hair up to provide an exceptionally smooth, close shaving experience. Natural Vitamin E repairs and rejuvenates the skin with each shave.
  • SMELLS AWESOME! The one-of-a-kind vintage blend of Bay Rum and Sandalwood Bourbon smells like an Old School Barbershop.
  • CONVENIENT, NO SPILL DISPENSER. Two Pumps is all you need. Never worry about wasting or spilling your favorite new Pre-Shave Oil again!

Aubrey Men’s Stock North Woods Shave Cream | Invigorating Formula For A Smooth, Close Shave | Avocado & Wheat Germ Oils | Classic Pine Scent | 6oz

“I have the combination of a tough beard and sensitive skin, so I am very particular with products I use for shaving and after care. This product has a nice scent, but the menthol is really where it’s at!! The feeling is both cool and invigorating – very refreshing. I’ve found just a small amount is sufficient for a daily shave… Minimal product with a cool menthol sensation equals an excellent shaving experience!”

Aubrey Men’s Stock North Woods delivers a clean, cool, comfortable shave without sulfates or harsh synthetics. We start with an organic coconut, jojoba and olive oil soap base for a very light, gentle lather. Organic avocado and wheat germ oils provide excellent razor glide for an ultra-close shave while soothing and conditioning your skin to help protect from razor bumps. Cooling, camphor, organic menthol and eucalyptus refresh and invigorate and our woodsy Classic Pine scent delights both you and those close to you!

We believe that health supplements and beauty products should be made in a healthy way, period. That’s why our Men’s Stock North Woods Shave Cream is Sulfate-Free, Vegan, Paraben-Free, Phthalate-Free and Cruelty-Free. We spare no expense when it comes to the purity of our products and Aubrey’s North Woods Shave Cream is no exception.

In 1967, when Aubrey Hampton began mixing products in his own kitchen, he never imagined his plant-based formulas would one day be sold all over the world. Over fifty years later, we carry on this important legacy with hair, skin and body care products made from nature’s most prized ingredients.

Men love it! Women sneak it! Join the legacy and order your Aubrey Organics North Woods Shave Cream today!

Product Features

  • Close Comfort: Gentle organic soap base refreshes skin for a close, comfortable shave
  • Ultra-Smoothing: Organic avocado & wheat germ oils condition skin & provide extra-smooth razor glide
  • Invigorating: Organic menthol & eucalyptus oils cool & revitalize while woodsy pine scent delights
  • Aubrey Quality: Vegan; Sulfate, Paraben, Phthalate, & Cruelty Free
  • Customers Say: “Absolutely exceptional…One of the healthiest shaving creams you can buy”

Makartt Hair Removal Hard Wax Beans Body Waxing Beans Avocado Hard Wax Beads for Women Men 100g

★★★★★100% Satisfaction Guarantee: FDA Approved. You are 30-days guaranteed with a replacement or full refund, here is a no risk purchase for MAKARTT high class products. Please send us an email before any action.
★★★Have you ever encountered such a problem? That you want to wear Bikini and go to the beach, but you are afraid of friends laughing by the hair on your arms, legs and underarm? Makartt Body Wax Beans will help for hair removal simply, make you have more fun.
★★★What Is the Key Feature?
1. Excellent for strong & fine hairs, developed for all types of skin.
2.Contain moisturizing Cocoa Butter, excellent for dry skin.
3.Provides a thin, economic and hygienic application.
4. For hair removal on all body parts: armpit, bikini area, eyebrows, beard and other stubborn hair growth area.
5. Natural ingredients, skin friendly.
6. Stick and pull off hair physically.
7. Non chemical action on skin, no irritation, no allergy.
Take appropriate amount of wax beans into a wax warmer to melt.
Test melted wax temperature carefully before using.
Test it on small quantity before using.
Do not use within 2 hours of showing, bathing or sunbathing.
Brand: MAKARTT (FDA Approved)
Product:Avocado Depilatory Wax Beans
Packing: 1 pot Wax Beans
Weight: 3.53OZ/100g
Shelf Lift: 3 Years

Product Features

  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS: , Avocado flavors . Natural wax ingredients, skin friendly. Hair removal wax warmer is suggested to melt hard wax, please search ASIN:B075WQLQQB for Makartt Hair removal waxing kit.
  • Makartt Hard Wax Beans is ideal for hair removal for legs, armpit, bikini edge area, chest, back, face, and no strips required.
  • EASY TO REMOVE: Can tear off the wax from your skin directly by hand after the Brazilian hard wax is cold and becomes hard, and it can remove above 90% of the hairs at one time.
  • EASY TO APPLY: Heat the hard body wax to a working temperature by wax heater. Then using a spatula to stir the wax. Wait for 5 minutes to cool the wax beads and then spread a layer of film wax onto the area to be treated in the direction of the hair growth.
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Chamomile, Lavender flavors for you to choose. Natural wax ingredients, skin friendly. Hair removal wax warmer is suggested to melt hard wax, please search ASIN:B075WQLQQB for Makartt Hair removal waxing kit.

NEW Rejuvenating Magnesium Body Lotion – Healthy Daily Moisturizer – NO Endocrine Disruptors. A Total Skin Spa With Silky Avocado Butter, Anti-Aging Royal Jelly, Organic Essential Oils & More!


You’ve not found a healthy body lotion like this before. Without you knowing, we’ve taken the world’s #1 skincare technologies and combined them all into one luxury formula – this is truly the first of it’s kind. And now, you get to experience a level of moisturization you’ve never felt before.

… You’ll struggle to stop touching your velvety skin


Pure Ionic Magnesium Chloride Creamy Avocado Butter Organic Essential Oils Anti-Aging Royal Jelly Organic Shea and Avocado Oils Skin Supportive Beta Glucans … and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!


No one should have to sacrifice their health, for beauty. This formulation is free from hormone disruptors, known cancer promoters, fragrances and colors. Our ingredients include natural, and non-toxic moisturizers.


That secret, is Pure, Ionic Magnesium Chloride Oil.

Absorbs deep into the skin, below the basal layer Targets skin regeneration, and circulation Boosts elasticity, Hyaluronic Acid and collagen production Acts as a carrier oil, taking other moisturizers and nutrients deep below the skin’s surface.


Congratulations! This is the best decision you’ve made today for your skin. Add your order to cart, and get excited… Spa Perfect skin is on it’s way.

Product Features

  • THE BEST NATURAL BODY LOTION YOU’VE SEEN: Never before on Amazon have you found a daily moisturizer quite like this. Cutting edge micro technology delivers serious results by combining pure ionic magnesium with soft avocado butter, organic essential oils and the world’s top natural skincare ingredients and skinceuticals. Instantly feel hydrated and enjoy the silkiest skin ever.
  • WITH THE MIRACLE ANTI-AGING MINERAL: Our secret, lies in Pure Magnesium Chloride, mined from 250 million year old Permien Seabed. When applied to the skin, Magnesium is delivered deep below the basal layer, where skin regeneration takes place. It helps improve elasticity, circulation and collagen. But, it also acts as a carrier, taking other skin vitamins and nutrients with it, like delicious Organic Essential Oils.
  • SAFE, NON TOXIC HEALTHY BODY LOTION: What goes on our skin, goes deep into the cells of our body. Rejuvenating Magnesium Lotion contains NO endocrine/hormone disruptors, NO known cancer-causing ingredients, NO synthetic colors and NO nasty fragrances. Ingredients are natural and tested for impurities.
  • SILKY SKIN AND A YOUTHFUL GLOW: Your Magnesium Lotion is formulated with the world’s latest technology in skincare. Magnesium combined with: creamy Avocado Butter, anti-aging Royal Jelly, silken organic Shea Butter, organic Cocoa Butter, calming Lavender oil, invigorating Lemon oil, beta glucans and other natural, non-toxic skin food ingredients. It’s a complete Skin Spa! You won’t be able to keep your hands off yourself!
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We stand firmly behind the Spa quality of this daily moisturizing lotion. You’ll fall deeply in love with your skin’s smooth, silky feel and realize, you have made the best skincare choice on your search today. Order Now. Satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back.

Jasmine Body Lotion for Dry Skin – Natural Vegan Olive Oil Itchy Skin Moisturizing Cream 8.1 oz – Olive, Jojoba, Avocado & Almond Oils Blend

Jasmine Body Lotion to Naturally Deeply Moisturize Dry Skin!

Is Your Skin Changing with the Weather on your Hands, Feet and Body?
Would You Like to Relieve Cracked, Dry Skin Once and for All?

Aya Natural Knows Just How You Feel. When Winter’s First Chill Comes Along, So Do Dry Cracked Skin and Body…
The weather isn’t the only thing that affects your skin either. Excessive showering, keeping hands in the dishpan for a long time, using harsh chemical cleaners, sun damage, and many other activities all contribute to throwing your skin cells out of balance…

The result? You have dry, cracked irritated skin that needs some immediate help! The natural vegan oils used in Aya Natural skin care products, and the light floral jasmine and ylang ylang scent will uplift your skin condition, mood, and might even add a spark to your love life!

This Body Lotion Works for All Skin Types, so Whatever Condition Your Skin is in Now, It will Soon be Balanced, Turn Smooth and Moisturized:

• 100% Vegan 99.7% Natural Ingredients are Safe and Effective for Healthy Skin
• Olive, Jojoba and Almond Oils Calm Dry Skin Fast
• Works for All Skin Types and Conditions
• Jasmine scent is Refreshing, Alluring and Uplifting
• No Alcohol, No Artificial Fragrances or Colors, Environmental Friendly and Cruelty Free
• PETA Approved Cruelty Free and Vegan Certification

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed:

Aya Natural believes that products which are not fit to eat, should not be applied to the skin. Aya Natural Products are Sold Worldwide in Premium Luxury Natural Beauty Stores for Years and with Great Success.

Product Features

  • Non-Greasy Natural Body Lotion for Dry Skin – Absorbs Rapidly Into the Deeper Layers of the Skin
  • Designed to Nourish, Repair & Restore Your Skin’s Natural Balance, Reduces Dryness and Improves Your Skin’s Complexion and Texture
  • Locks in Moisture – Your Skin will be Well Hydrated & Moisturized and Feel Fresh ThroughOut the Day!
  • Cruelty Free and Vegan PETA Approved Certification – Perfect Blend of High Quality Olive, Jojoba, and Almond Oils that Contain Rich Vitamins, Minerals, Fatty Acids & Antioxidants, Not Tested on Animals
  • Indulge Your Senses with the Beautiful Light Scent of Jasmine, Lift your Mood, and Relax. Jasmine Calms, Smoothes, and De-Stresses Your Skin

Shaving Soap & After Shave Cream Set – Premium VEGAN Natural Best Sensitive Skin Relaxing Depilation or Shaving Kit for Men & Women – Pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Avocado, Shea Butter & Lavender Essential Oils Blend – (1.7 oz / 50 ml) + (3.4 oz / 100 gr) – FREE Shipping 100% Satisfaction GUARANTEED Shaving Kit Therapy!

★ Unique Calming Relaxing Natural Shaving Kit ★

Ever struggled sensitive or irritated skin when shaving?
Wish to have a more calmed and relaxed shaving experience?

If so, You Ought to Give this Unique Natural Shaving Kit a Try!

This natural premium shave kit includes a natural lavender skin softening soap and an active after shaving / depilation cream, designed to provide a smooth, calmed and relaxed shaving even for the most sensitive skin types…

Why Customers LOVE This Rich Shaving Kit?

• VEGAN Natural Proven Formula of Lavender Shaving Soap + After Shave Relaxing Cream
• Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, Avocado and Lavender Oils Extracts
• Cleanses, Moisturizes, Smoothes and Calms the Skin for the Perfect Natural Shaving
• Nourishes the Skin with High Amounts of Crucial Vitamins, Minerals, Fatty Acids and Antioxidants
• No Alcohol, No SLS, No Artificial Fragrances or Colors, Environmental Friendly, Not Tested on Animals

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed:

Aya Natural believes that products which are not fit to eat, should NOT be applied to the skin. Aya Natural Products are Sold Worldwide in Premium Luxury Natural Beauty Stores with Great Success.

We GUARANTEE that you will have an Amazing Calmed Natural Shaving Experience… Contact Us for the FREE eBook!

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Product Features

  • ✔ UNIQUE RELAXING SHAVING KIT – Best Natural Shaving Soap & Relaxing After Shaving / Deplilation Cream Kit Set to Naturally Shave Facial & Body Skin Areas. Thoroughly Cleanses, Moisturizes, Hydrates & Calms the Skin. Recommended for Sensitive or Irritated Skin!
  • ✔ BASED ON MORE THAN 500 YEARS OF ANCIENT TRADITIONAL KNOWLEDGE – Founded on Recipes of Medications and Cosmetics Passed Down the Generations in a Tradition Hundreds of Years Old. Primarily Based on Pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil of an Edible Grade, Shea Butter & Lavender Essential Oils Blend
  • ✔ NATURAL PRODUCTION METHODOLOGY – Retains High Quantities of Vitamins, Fatty Acids, Antioxidants and Minerals Crucial to Achieve a Smooth, Calm & Relaxing Natural Shaving Procedure
  • ✔ VEGAN NATURAL SHAVING SET – Environmental Friendly, No alcohol, No SLS, No Pertochemical Ingredients, No Artificial Colors or Fragrances, Not Tested on Animals
  • ★ GUARANTEED that you will have a Natural Relaxing & Calmed Shaving Experience… Click the Orange ‘Add to Cart’ Button to Ensure this HUGE DISCOUNTED After Shave Calming Lotion & Natural Lavender Shaving Soap LIMITED TIME LAUNCH SALE OFFER + FREE Home-made DIY Beauty Recipes Guide – Just Contact Us After Purchasing and We Will Send You the eBook!

Taylor of Old Bond Street Avocado Shaving Cream In A Bowl, 5.3-Ounce

It lathers easily and gives a nice luxurious lather for your shave

I decided to take up traditional wet shaving about 4 months ago. I still haven’t mastered the safety razor, and have reverted to my Gillette Fusion razor. However, I kept the brush and the Taylor of Old Bond Street creams. It lathers easily and gives a nice luxurious lather for your shave.

The shave I get with this cream is literally baby’s-butt smooth. There’s not a hair or stubble to be felt anywhere that I shaved. It’s a far better shave than I ever got with foam-in-a-can or gel-in-a-can like I used to use. Razor burn with my Power Fusion razor and the ToBS Avocado is gone. It just doesn’t happen. (The Safety Razor still gives me razor burn. I probably need to work on my technique.) Ingrown hairs and neck boils have gone away, too. The only thing I really changed is the shave cream.

The avocado oil in the cream leaves my face nicely moisturized after I’m done, too. As others have said, this doesn’t really smell like Avocado, at least not to my nose. It’s got a scent that I can only really describe as “green” – herbal, lightly floral, not so much with wood scents, but a very light nature-y springtime smell. I like it. Others have said they got a tub to last a year. My first tub only lasted two months. Perhaps I’m using too much. Perhaps it’s my brush. Regardless, I’m reordering because this stuff is so good. I’m also getting a tub of the Grapefruit scent, too.

We offer you the finest range of shaving brushes, razors and shaving accessories, manicure sets, deodorants, talcs, soaps, oils, sponges, hair brushes, combs, shaving mirrors, our own brand of aftershaves, colognes an men’s shaving gifts.

Product Features

  • Fresh avocado scent and avocado oil make the shave both pleasurable and friction free.
  • Produces a rich, creamy lather that helps lift the hairs away from the face for clear cutting
  • Included bowl makes the lathering easy
  • Avocado Shaving Cream in a Jar