no!no! MICRO Hair Removal System for Lasting Results – Basic Kit (Lipstick Red)

Facial hair? NO! Leg hair? NO! no!no! MICRO gives you a hair removal treatment with professional-like results in the palm of your hand. Treat and remove hair simultaneously with this micro-sized hair removal device powered by patented ThermiconTM Technology. Thermicon Technology works based on the scientific principles of gentle heat transference, making it safe and effective on all skin tones and hair colors. With one treatment level, no!no! MICRO can be used virtually anywhere on the face and body. Simply chose the Thermicon Tip size for the area you are treating and press it into the device, go over the area, making sure the Tip comes in contact with the hair stubble in the opposite direction of the grain of hair and buff after treatment. If any hair remains report the process. This kit includes: 1 MICRO, 2 Thermicon Tips (Wide and Narrow), Charger and Cleansing Brush.

Product Features

  • Simultaneously treats and removes hair, Weeks of lasting results with continued use
  • Uses patented Thermicon Technology, Can be used virtually anywhere on the face or body
  • Cordless, rechargeable, designed for a hair removal treatment at home (or on the go)
  • Safe on all skin tone (and tattoos!)
  • Effectively treats all hair colors (including blonde, red and gray)

Shaving Brush – Braun 67030939 Basic Electric Shaver Cleaning Brush 6cm (2 pcs)

Compatible With These Products
370-3 Shaver
350cc Shaver
370cc Shaver
2778 Shaver
2878 Shaver
Z50 Shaver
Z40 Shaver
1775 Shaver
190 Shaver
190s-1 Shaver
390cc-4 Shaver
5030s Shaver
5070cc Shaver
5020s Shaver
5030s Shaver
5050cc Shaver
5070cc Shaver
5090cc Shaver
340s-4 Shaver
380s-4 Shaver
150 Shaver
330s-4 Shaver
320s-4 Shaver
790-4 Shaver
790cc Shaver
790cc-3 Shaver
790cc-4 Shaver
790cc-5 Shaver
795cc-3 Shaver
790cc-LE2010 Shaver
790cc-LE2011 Shaver
790cc-LE2012 Shaver
790cc-P Shaver
790cc-B Shaver
720 Shaver
720s-3 Shaver
720s-4 Shaver
720s-3 Shaver
720s-4 Shaver
720s-5 Shaver
575 Shaver
M-90 Shaver
M-60b Shaver
5040s Shaver
2838 Shaver
2838 Shaver
Cruzer 6 Face Shaver
799cc-6 Shaver
5414 Shaver
5515 Shaver
5520 Shaver
5790 Shaver
5895 Shaver
5895 Shaver
390cc Shaver
5897 Shaver
5775 Shaver
5875 Shaver
5876 Shaver
5884 Shaver
380-3 Shaver
7680 Shaver
8595 Shaver
8585 Shaver
6620 Shaver
5614 Shaver
5612 Shaver
5610 Shaver
3775 Shaver
3770 Shaver
3710 Shaver
7505 Shaver
4775 Shaver
4745 Shaver
CruZer 5 Shaver
190s-1 Shaver
WF2s Shaver
CruZer 5 Face Shaver
CruZer 6 Beard Trimmer

Product Features

  • Replacement Cleaning Brush Approx. 6cm
  • Basic Shaver Cleaning Brush is suitable for all Braun Shavers and Trimmers

Wahl 9155-058 HomeCut Basic 10 Piece Hair Clipper Kit, 220 Volts (Not for USA)

Mains operated single-cut clipper – accessories include 4 attachment combs #1-4, Scissors, Barber Comb, Clipper Oil, Cleaning Brush & Instructions – Standard blade cutting length 1mm

Product Features

  • Men’s operated single-cut clipper
  • Accessories include 4 attachment combs #1-4
  • Scissors, Barber Comb, Clipper Oil, Cleaning Brush & Instructions
  • Standard blade cutting length 1mm
  • 220-240 Volts (Not for use in USA or Canada)

Conair Simple Cut 10-Piece Basic Haircut Kit

The conair 10-piece basic haircut kit is a great starter kit for beginning barbers or the experienced hair styler. It includes: stamped steel blades, 4 attachment combs, a barber comb, oil and a cleaning brush. Create custom hairstyles with this simple and convenient kit. The clipper features a powerful magnetic motor that doesn’t wear out. For barber-style cuts, utilize the included attachment combs to trim those tough spots. If you want an effortless and durable hair cutting kit, the conair 10-piece basic haircut kit is for you.

Product Features

  • Stamped steel blades
  • 4 comb attachments: 1/8″, 1/4″, 3/8″ and 1/2″
  • Magnetic motor
  • Includes: barber comb, barber scissors, blade guard, cleaning brush, oil
  • Limited two-year warranty

Clean + Easy Professional Waxing Spa Basic Kit, 22 Count

The basic waxing kit is perfect for the student and the beginner esthetician. It includes a waxing spa warmer, 3 packs of each large, medium, and small original wax, 1 medium, small and fine roller heads, 3 pack of large roller heads, 50 pack each of large, medium, and small epilating cloth strips, 5oz. Each of remove after wax remover and restore dermal therapy lotion and an educational DVD.

Product Features

  • Clean + Easy Professional Waxing Spa Basic Kit, 22 Count