2017 Sale – Spitalfields Shaving Company *Premium Grade* Brush and Razor Stand – Millwall 37 – Chrome with Faux Beechwood

Spitalfields Shaving Company *Premium Grade* Brush and Razor Stand

The Spitalfields Shaving Company Millwall 37 – Chrome with Faux Beechwood Brush and Razor Stand is the traditional brush and razor stand. If you are going to invest money in your brush and razor, it is prudent to store your valuable brush and razor properly.

This elegant and stylish brush and razor stand will compliment any setting. The stand will hold most traditional brush and razor.

• Chrome with Faux Beechwood Finish
• Weighted Base to prevent tipping
• Felt bottom to prevent slippage and damage to counter top
• Housed in an attractive hand made gift box

Product Features

  • Traditional Style in Chrome with Faux Beechwood, Measures 6 Inches Tall and 3 Inches in Diameter for the Base
  • Excellent System to Dry Your Shaving Brush and Store Your Razor
  • Non-Slip Protective Sole to Stay in Place and Protect Counter Top
  • Weighted Base to Ensure Stability
  • Housed in an Attractive Spitalfields Shaving Company Hand Made Gift Box

Spitalfields Pure Badger Bristle Beechwood Handle Shaving Brush

Spitalfields 100% Pure Badger Bristle with Faux Ebony Beechwood Handle Shaving Brush and FREE Acrylic Stand – Columbia Road

The Columbia Road Brush has a soft, extra large 21 mm brush head that will complement any high quality shaving cream. The 100% Pure Badger Bristles will whip a rich, foamy lather, and are soft enough to not irritate your skin but yet firm enough to erect your hair strands away from your skin for that clean, smooth shave.

Spitalfields shaving brushes are made of 100% Pure Badger Bristles, and are high quality products at affordable prices. All of the Spitalfields shaving brushes are hand assembled.

• Comes with an extra large 21mm brush head

• Excellent starter brush or an addition to your collection

• Free acrylic brush stand for proper storage and drying

• Housed in an attractive gift box

Product Features

  • 100% Pure Badger Bristle
  • Extra Large Brush Knot – 21mm
  • Excellent Shaving Brush to Create a Rich, Full Lather for that Close, Smooth Shave
  • Free Acrylic Brush Stand!
  • Comes in a Very Nice Gift Box!