Fine Snake Bite Shave Soap Tub – Triple Milled Tallow Shaving Soap Tub For Men – A Wet Shavers Favorite

Traditional shaving soap Triple-milled, tallow-based No added fragrance, just a heavy dose of menthol Retro, throwback, traditional. . . classic. Whatever you call them, the products coming out of M

Product Features

  • This Mr Fine shaving soap tub puck combines the unbeatable lather of an old-world, triple-milled tallow formula with the most beloved masculine fragrances of all time.
  • A lather that is thick, builds easily, slick and protective: The renowned triple-milled tallow based formula provides a lower water content than comparable soap
  • Love the scent on this generously scented shave soap as much as the lather: Easy to load shaving soap performs in hard water with a superb cushion and slickness
  • Less water weight means more lathers per ounce and better value: 3.5 oz mens shaving bar, no artificial colors. An astonishingly close, comfortable and enjoyable shave you’ll look forward to every day
  • The Original Burn & Quench. This Shaving Tonic contains no fragrance oils, but five times the menthol. This concoction “Burns like the devil, freezes like the Rockies, and cures all that ails you